Hello! Thanks to those who left comments in my blog, I really appreciate it. I will be visiting your blog shortly after this post. Something really tense and sad happned this morning in our house. It involved primarily my mother and my sister, who just had her baby last December.

My sister has always been a very sensitive person. Sensitive in the sense that she doesn't like being reprimanded (who does, come to think of it) and she doesn't want to be made to feel that she is not in control. Now, my mother on the other hand, is a very domineering and opinionated woman. When she wants to say something, she say it at once, regardless whether or not if it was delivered in a tactful and nice way.

What happened was that my sister was putting her baby (my niece Yahannah, I posted her pictures here in my blog) to sleep and she had to go out of the room to do something. My mother was cleaning the house because she was expecting company, one of her organization comes every Tuesday morning here in our house. Now, we were all startled when my sister, her name is Aiza, suddenly screamed and of course we all rushed to the room where the baby is in. It turns out that Aiza saw the baby (Yahannah) lying on the floor when she entered the room, prompting her to scream like that.

Now my mother loves Yahannah, so she was really concerned for the baby so I guess without meaning to, she let fly some choice words like "stupid girl" to my sister. She took the baby from Aiza's arms and then started to cradle the baby. Now my sister was miffed about this and said that she already has everything taken cared of and she grabbed the baby from my mother's arms.

Needless to say, we (my younger twin sisters and I) were all taken aback by this disrespectful behaviour by out sister. Though we must admit that sometimes, Mommy tends to get a little overboard and she does say things which are hurtful, we had to give her the respect she deserves especially since she is our mother. Mother definitely thought that my sister was showing poor behaviour too and she immediately let my sister have it.

So for 10 minutes, mother began her tirade against my sister Aiza (that if weren't for the baby, Mommy would have turned her out of the house, that Aiza was a bigheaded, Aiza is always afraid that people are taking the baby's affection from her, that sort of thing) whioch of course made the atmosphere in our house very tense and we were all quiet.

Now guys, what is your opinion about this? I know that some of my readers are also parents. If this happned to you, you're a new mother and your own mother was teaching you how to take care of your child, how would you handle the situation?

Well, needless to say, Aiza and Mommy are giving each other the cold shoulder now. I hope this would be resolved soon. That's it for now, take care and enjoy!

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Blessed be!

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Draffin Bears said...

thank you for visiting my blog.
All I can say is I hope that the baby is okay.
I hope that your Mum and sister can work out their differences. It is a hard job raising a baby and your Sister will need your Mum, for help too.


Nora Johnson said...

I can only endorse Carolyn's wise words above. We all need someone else's help at some time so let's hope your Mum & sister put aside their differences for the sake of the baby.

Many thanks for stopping by - look forward to *seeing* you again! You have a really lovely blog!


PS We follow many of the same great blogs - Little Bear Studio, DustJacket, NicNacManiac etc!!

master said...

great blog! keep it up!

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