Thanks to those who left comments in my blog, I really appreciate it. Well, lots of things have been happening to me lately. So I guess I am kind of confused. Anyway, things will be better, I know and I would finally find the "meaning of my life" in Heaven's own time.

Something funny and kind of weird happened (again) to me yesterday, but this time it happned when I was on my way to work. I was walking towards our office and I was very sleepy, we were asked to render 1 hour pre-shift overtime and I didn't get enough sleep. And then suddenly I heard a voice at my side, asking me what time it was. I replied that it was almost 6pm.

I thought that was it, and I kept on walking. I noticed that he was walking in stride with me and suddenly he spoke again, asking me where I was going off to. I was suprised and I lokked at him carefully at that time and I noticed that he was a cute guy wearing a t-shirt and khaki shorts. I answered, just around the corner and then I walked a little faster, hoping to shake him off.

But he remained at my side and he asked me where I work. Of course, I was not born yesterday. I am not about to disclose personal information with someone off the street. So I just smiled politely and continued to walk. But the persistent boy followed me and finally he asked me if I wanted to get his number. The nerve! I almost ran, thankfully he got the hint and finally left my side.

I am of the opinion that he was a streetwalker. I mean, I don't think anyone would take notice of me like that. Besides, shouldn't he be asking for my number and not asking if I wanted to get his number? Hehehehe. Anyway, it kind of amused me at that time.

Anyway, that's all for now! I need to sleep already. Take care and enjoy!

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Blessed be!

2 nice comments:

The French Bear said...

Some times it's hard to be friendly when people do unexpected things or come up and start talking without warning, the world has made us a little more cautious. Kind of scary though....
Thanks for stopping by my blog, watch for more giveaways soon!!!!
Margaret B

Little Lovables said...

cute story, one that could have turned out scary, weird or sweet, you never know!

ps. email me with a pic or two of you so I can get to work glamourizing one!

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