I would like to tell you about an experience that happened two summers ago in my ex's aunt's store in Quezon City. I was hanging around with my ex and his uncle while they were doing some work in the store.

I was sitting on the stairs while they were working. About two feet away from me and about three feet from my companions, there was a box of vegetables sitiing flatly on top of another box of equal size and weight.

All of a sudden, the box flipped upside down, like some unseen force threw it, and vegetables went flying as the box went flying. It raised goose-bumps on all of our arms. Apparently, there was some other weird things that went on but no one would reveal to me what it was.

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Beauty and the Beast
Tango Tango

Nature is beautiful, quiet, and serene, 
nature is the forest, with its many shades of green.
Nature is the birds, welcoming in the dawn, 
nature is a calf, struggling to its feet as soon as it is born.
Nature is a salmon, swimming against the stream, 
nature is a volcanic geyser, venting off steam.

Nature is a beast, kicking up a storm, 
nature is the trees, all bent, and broken, looking so forlorn.
Nature is lightning striking the ground, 
nature is a forest fire, consuming all around.
Nature is a tornado, with its screaming roar, 
nature is a tidal wave, washing every thing ashore.
Nature can be a beauty, and nature can be a beast.

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I am thinking of dyeing my hair. I always had dark brown hair and I have always wondered if a change of hair color would improve my looks a little. I must admit that I am a little insecure about my appearance. I mean, I am kind of chubby and I wear glasses. I have been hanging out with these 2 gorgeous girls from work and it made me realize that I also need to look my best so I wouldn't look like a FUGLY (in case you didn't watch MEAN GIRLS starring Lindsay Lohan, fugly means "friends who are ugly"). Although I know that its kind of shallow and my friends doesn't mind being with me considering how I looked, deep within me I recognize that I have to do this for myself.

Anyway, here's my picture. This was taken a few months ago. I am holding our family dog, Sweetheart:

Here's the hair color that I want:

This shade is called Chestnut Brown

Do you think it will suit me? My mom said that I will need to have my hair bleached first so I could achieve the hair color I want. My hair is not a virgin, I already had it dyed before but I always chose dark brown, something really subtle that people don't really notice I dyed my hair at all. If ever, this will be the first time I would color my hair with something extremely noticeable.

Now let's go to my eyes. I am near-sighted and I have to wear glasses almost all the time. Most people say that I look older because of my glasses and when I do take them off, they say that they never noticed before how pretty my eyes are. LOL. Of course, I will feel all giddy and flattered when they say that. Which leads me to the topic of contact lenses. I have been planning to use contact lenses for the LONGEST time but my mother is kind of against it. She says its just a waste of money since a pair would only last me for a year, tops. Also, it is kind of expensive compared to glasses and it is so high maintenance since I need eye solution and I couldn't wear glasses for more than 8 hours, I think.  This is how I look with glasses on. I am holding my niece, Yannah.

I have long debated on which color I want to use on my eyes. I finally narrowed it down to three:
Violet Eyes

Gray Eyes

Ruby Eyes

I know the last one is kind of weird. I am sure you are kind of thinking "Why would he want to have red eyes?" I was actually inspired by this anime, Jigoku Shoujo (translates as "Hell Girl"), and I kind of idolize her so I want to copy her style a little bit. I realize its kind of a nerdy thing to do and I probably would look like a demon possessed me,but hey, what have you. So what do you think?

Now let me get write about my weight. :-) I am considerably chubbier than last year and some of my clothes doesn't fit me anymore. This is really frustrating for me. I cannot go to the gym because I am not allowed by my doctor to do strenuous activities. The only option would be to go on a diet. The sad part is no matter how much resolve I have not to eat, I just couldn't help pigging out on hamburgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken. spaghetti, ice cream, chocolates, and did I mention hamburgers? Oh yes, I did.

Last Friday, my family and I went to the Mall of Asia in Pasay to do a little shopping. Of course, we got a little hungry walking around shopping so we decided to eat at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). My mother just had a Twister with a Banana Yogurt Krusher, my sisters had small burgers with small fries and diet Coke, while I had

KFC Double Down Burger (no bread, 2 slices of chicken, with cheese, bacon, and other fatty things)

Large Fries

Strawberry Yogurt Krusher

A small Wow Burger (I finished eating earlier than my mom and sisters so to pass the time, I ordered another burger)

A Twister (actually only half of it since my mother couldn't finished her's)

Sigh. Yes, I know this doesn't look like what a person who is supposedly on a diet should eat. I just couldn't help it. I had absolutely no willpower when it comes to food. I envy those people who could stuff their faces until they burst but still had the figure of a ramp model. Unfortunately, I am the type whose body shows every single gram of fat that I have munched on.

Oh, did I mention that we ate at Mang Inasal's (its a popular restaurant which serves grilled chicken here in the Philippines) before we went home? We got hungry again after shopping and we ate the following:

Mang Inasal Grilled Chicken with Unlimited Rice

Just thinking about our foodtrip makes my mouth water. I am such a gluttonous pig. Oh well, I guess it will be a long time before I get this kind of body especially with the Christmas Season coming out:

This picture is of Sam Concepcion. Credit goes to Mykikuru Isyusero. Isn't he cute?

So there, that's it. Anyway, I could deal with dieting later. Maybe I will have more willpower next year, but the hair color definitely I could do now. I will post some pictures here after I have it done. Well, thanks for reading this far. :-) Feel free to give me any comments you like, whether it be positive, negative, or even neutral.
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This story was told to me by my friend, Rai. I will tell it in the first person point of view:

My first true encounter with the demon that has haunted me for nearly all of my life, didn’t occur till August of 2009. I was under a lot of stress with recently joining the military and at that point in time, living in the barracks. I had been dealing with a sexual assault, as well as my father getting cancer and being unable to talk to him about it because I wasn’t supposed to know, on top of trying to complete my flying training.

With all this stress pent up and no way to appropriately release it, I felt myself starting to feel as if only one thing would satisfy this anger, depression, and hatred I had developed for life and for myself. I began to deliver bodily harm to myself. I told my mental health doctor about it, and he did his best to find the cause and reasoning, but the solutions he presented to me didn’t seem to help.

I tried and I tried, but it felt as if something was in my ear whispering for me to hurt myself, it would make the pain go away. Little things triggered this reaction and I was easily angered. My boyfriend sat on the receiving end of many of my enraging outbursts and found me many a times with fresh cuts. On days I didn’t feel so angry, I told myself to I needed to go to church and I would repeat this constantly, but I never went.

One day, I completely snapped. In an enraged and quickly drunken stupor, I dealt a heavy blow to my stomach repeatedly, and without a mind to what I was doing or saying, I called a friend (who happened to be with my boyfriend) and laughed to him, “It’s never felt so good to hurt so much.”

Not two minutes later, they found me on the floor of my room, laughing. They called a few important people, and with that was sent back to my doctor who recommended church. The moment I stepped into the house of some of a church member’s who usually host a Wednesday study session, I felt a weight lift from me and performed a 180 that even surprised me. I thought I was cured…

In March 2010, I decided to watch Paranormal Activity with my boyfriend (who somehow, amazingly stuck out the previous scenario with me). I laughed at it as it wasn’t really that scary and I viewed it as just another ridiculous movie created by Hollywood to keep me entertained. However, what would occur just a week afterwards, I did not expect.

It was early morning, around 1 am. My boyfriend had a flight (we are aircrew in the military) and needed to leave. We were still living in the barracks at the time, so I just stayed in his room usually. When he left that morning, I laid back down and closed my eyes, but never felt as if I had gone back to sleep. Nothing about the room changed. The shadows on the walls from small lights on electronic equipment, the fine details and outlines of furniture in the room, it was all the same. But I could feel something was in the room, and I was overwhelmed with fear.

I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak. I hear breathing, and with a quick glance towards the corner of the room, only moving my eyes, I could see a figure hidden in the shadow by the door.
I felt my heart pound in my chest. Tears swelled into my eyes, and yet still I was incapable of moving. This “thing” came closer, and not a moment later, was leaning over top of me. Its eyes were nearly black, just noticeable by the lulling deep crimson glow they held. I could feel breath on my face as its nostrils flared up, still a shadow in my eyes.
Suddenly, I was pressed into the bed, and I opened my mouth to attempt to scream. My mouth was surely open, but not a sound was made as I was pushed harder into the bed. My face was wet with tears, and I blinked just once and the figure had disappeared, I could finally move again. My throat felt hoarse and no matter how exhausted I was, I feared closing my eyes again. I called a friend who did their best to comfort me, and finally I slept again.

Not too long after that night, I had another nightmare. This one was not as physical. I laid in the same bed in the same room, and to my sides, I saw large clawed fingers reach up from under the bed, each hand capable of wrapped around my body. I had already began to pray and call out for help in my mind. These claws collapsed on top of me and began to pull me deep into the bed, but under some good grace I could not feel it this time. Instead, I began to see a white light, and it pulled me from myself, almost as if my soul were lingering close by to watch my body be pulled in.

The white light engulfed the room, and a long dark haired man in a white robe, reached down and the claws retracted into the bed as if in fear. I could feel a comfort in my heart and its pace slowed. Still at a distance, this man’s right hand reached down to touch my body’s face, and I was relaxed enough to wake up from my sleep.

I had wished that would be the end of my nightmares, but it was only the start…

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Well, you might think that some of these experiences are just things that you would brush off your shoulder, and just call weird, but please keep reading until the very end.

It was about the year 2000 when some strange things started to happen to me...
The first thing I thought that was uncanny was that I have this music box that never plays. No matter how much I toy with it, it never plays. One day I was out shopping with my mother and when we came home, we could here a tune being played ("somewhere out there" was the tune) from the book shelf in the living room. The music box was playing. My mom and I definitely thought it was weird, but for the most part, just brushed it off our shoulders.

The next weird thing was that...well...let me tell you something. I love candles. I love everything about them. Their color, their design, their smell, their flame etc. Going back to the point, I love to keep them in my bed room. I was out shopping again and when I got home and I went to my room, all the candles that I had out were all lit. Now, this incident, I didn't just brush off my shoulder so quickly. Now I was thinking something was going on that I did not know about at the time.

The next incident was a really big one were I had just gotten into my bed (this is about two weeks later than the last incident) and shut off the lights. I like to lay in my bed for a while, thinking about the day before I drift off to sleep. Well this particular night, I didn't drift off to sleep so easy. When I was laying there, I saw a shadow of some sort kind of drift into my room. It was all black, but you could see it had the outline of a man with a hat and a cape. He stood there at the end of my bed, I felt a sense of being looked at. I was so scared, I was frozen with fear. After a while of standing and looking at me, "it" disintegrated. I don't think I got any sleep that night.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Actually, here in the Philippines, we really don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Maybe we should have our own version of Thanksgiving or maybe we shouldn't just assign a date specifically for that. Why not make every day a Thanksgiving day? I believe that we have a lot to be thankful for. We can thank God for giving us a roof over our head, food that we eat, and for the family that cares for us and loves us. You only have to watch and listen to the news to know that some people have less than that.

I admit that there were occasions when I was less than grateful for the blessings I have and I feel so much discontent. For example, the status of my  love life. Although I pretend to my friends that I am happy being single and that I don't need a man to make me happy, STILL it would be nice to have someone to love me whom I also love. Though I do have my family around me who gives me love, there is another kind of love that I crave.

I have faith though, that someday someone will love me the way I always wished to be loved and I will love him with all of my heart. But for now, let me thank God for all the blessings He gave me and I promise I will share my blessings to others.

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Paranormal experiences are actually far more normal than most of us think and believe. The prefix "para" means a lot of things simultaneously, but in the case of paranormal experiences, it refers to those experiences which are beyond normal human comprehension or even scientific explanation. Paranormal experiences happen to all types of people all over the world everyday. They have been and will always remain mysterious - sometimes even frightening for those that experience them. In general, humans are made uneasy by anything that challenges their well-set, mundane preconceptions. Let's take a closer look at some of the most commonly-reported paranormal experiences:

Astral Travel:

- Astral travel, or astral projection, is an experience that takes one's essence out of the physical body. This is often referred to as an "Out of Body" experience, or OBE. The essence of your existence, your causal body if you will, separates from your physical body and is set free to travel about. The speed of travel is lightning-fast and the furthest destinations can be reached in a fraction of a second.

- The destinations can also be quite obscure. There are those that report traveling to such places as the pedal of a flower or inside someone else's ear. Once there, they are able to observe and learn of events and facts that they could never have otherwise. Astral projection is also believed by many to be an experience that can be self-induced at will. A form of self-hypnosis is induced and the essence of your being is set free. Of course, spontaneous astral projection requires no catalyst and destinations are not predetermined by the individual. In such cases, it is believed that the causal body is on an unknown, but much needed journey.

Deathbed Messages:

- Many times, people who are the verge of death deliver their final messages to the living that may be near them. They want us to know that they are going to be alright when they pass. They try to offer us a final message of wisdom and something that we can smile about and be happy about when we think of them after their passing. They often come out of seemingly catatonic states to deliver these messages.

- Many times, these deathbed messages seem eerie to the survivors, even scaring them. We are all so perplexed throughout our lives as to what the afterlife holds. Deathbed messages give some understanding to what that may be.


- Ghosts, spirits, apparitions: they have been around us all for all of time - even if we do not "believe" in them. Ghosts are a part of all of our lives. Who can say that they haven't felt unseen eyes upon them? Who can be sure that certain happenings in their lives haven't been directly caused by spirits? Who can say that they have never told or listened to ghost stories with fascination and a wondering mind?

- Poltergeists and other spirit activities are not simply ghost stories told at camp firesides. They are proven, documented, even filmed real life experiences. They are uncommon in the Hollywood style, yet they still surround us always. People are most often too afraid to admit the possibility of a ghost presence near them. People fear what they do not understand. However, there are many who believe and swear by their own very personalized ghost stories.


- NDE, Near Death Experiences are one of the more commonly felt paranormal experiences. Commonly, they involve the individual being drawn towards a centralized, intense light source. They may describe feeling a "magnetic" pull into it. There are many who have been pronounced clinically braindead for several minutes before inexplicably springing back to life. There have been people that have set straight up in their beds after having been taken to a morgue.

- The experience of dying is only fully understood by those who have completed the process. Near death experiences are said to give most who have them a new and more profound understanding of life. They often emerge more appreciative and undergo dramatic personal transformations. They want to maximize the positivity of their remaining life after they have brushed the eternal.

Precognitive Dreams:

- There have been many psychologists throughout history that specialize in the interpretation of our dreams. A dream is the subconsciousness' movie theater. Dreams are said to hold much more power and meaning than they are commonly given credit for. Everyone has dreams, but precognitive dreams are another matter. Many times, people all over the would experience precognitive dreams that give them advance warnings of events that have yet to transpire. Sometimes, they are warnings. Sometimes, they are invitations. Other times, they are providers of information that the dreamers just shouldn't be privy to. There is great power in our dreams. We need to pay attention to them and try to remember them.

Paranormal experiences are quite normal indeed. People worldwide experience these types of events every day. Many people are gifted to be able to not shy away from these experiences. Instead, they embrace them and learn from them. The next time that you feel that you have had a paranormal experience, pay attention and try to decipher exactly what it is trying to tell you about.

You may learn something that is shockingly profound.

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