My friend from the workplace, Maria Margarita Jennifer Faicol (Mia for short), brought this cool website to my attention, ,after she found out that I am an amateur doll collector. I am absolutely fascinated with dolls, I would definitely expand my doll collection and I would be posting pictures of course here in my blog once I have at least 50 in my possession.

Anyway, so she posted the web address at my facebook account (add me up by the way, you can search me by my e-mail add and when I got into the sight, I was almost overwhelmed by the beauty of the dolls featured.

I wanted to buy a doll and have it shipped to me right then and there, however, when I looked at the price, I almost died! $69.00 was the cheapest pair not including the air freight and delivery charges. Sigh. Oh well, maybe I could save up and one day, I'll have even one doll in my hands.

Here's some pictures of the dolls I especially liked.

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Blessed be!

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Mykiru said...

Ang hot ni Luke! Hehe. Tnx 4 dr0ppin by sa blog ko.

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