This story was told to me by my friend, Rai. I will tell it in the first person point of view:

My first true encounter with the demon that has haunted me for nearly all of my life, didn’t occur till August of 2009. I was under a lot of stress with recently joining the military and at that point in time, living in the barracks. I had been dealing with a sexual assault, as well as my father getting cancer and being unable to talk to him about it because I wasn’t supposed to know, on top of trying to complete my flying training.

With all this stress pent up and no way to appropriately release it, I felt myself starting to feel as if only one thing would satisfy this anger, depression, and hatred I had developed for life and for myself. I began to deliver bodily harm to myself. I told my mental health doctor about it, and he did his best to find the cause and reasoning, but the solutions he presented to me didn’t seem to help.

I tried and I tried, but it felt as if something was in my ear whispering for me to hurt myself, it would make the pain go away. Little things triggered this reaction and I was easily angered. My boyfriend sat on the receiving end of many of my enraging outbursts and found me many a times with fresh cuts. On days I didn’t feel so angry, I told myself to I needed to go to church and I would repeat this constantly, but I never went.

One day, I completely snapped. In an enraged and quickly drunken stupor, I dealt a heavy blow to my stomach repeatedly, and without a mind to what I was doing or saying, I called a friend (who happened to be with my boyfriend) and laughed to him, “It’s never felt so good to hurt so much.”

Not two minutes later, they found me on the floor of my room, laughing. They called a few important people, and with that was sent back to my doctor who recommended church. The moment I stepped into the house of some of a church member’s who usually host a Wednesday study session, I felt a weight lift from me and performed a 180 that even surprised me. I thought I was cured…

In March 2010, I decided to watch Paranormal Activity with my boyfriend (who somehow, amazingly stuck out the previous scenario with me). I laughed at it as it wasn’t really that scary and I viewed it as just another ridiculous movie created by Hollywood to keep me entertained. However, what would occur just a week afterwards, I did not expect.

It was early morning, around 1 am. My boyfriend had a flight (we are aircrew in the military) and needed to leave. We were still living in the barracks at the time, so I just stayed in his room usually. When he left that morning, I laid back down and closed my eyes, but never felt as if I had gone back to sleep. Nothing about the room changed. The shadows on the walls from small lights on electronic equipment, the fine details and outlines of furniture in the room, it was all the same. But I could feel something was in the room, and I was overwhelmed with fear.

I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak. I hear breathing, and with a quick glance towards the corner of the room, only moving my eyes, I could see a figure hidden in the shadow by the door.
I felt my heart pound in my chest. Tears swelled into my eyes, and yet still I was incapable of moving. This “thing” came closer, and not a moment later, was leaning over top of me. Its eyes were nearly black, just noticeable by the lulling deep crimson glow they held. I could feel breath on my face as its nostrils flared up, still a shadow in my eyes.
Suddenly, I was pressed into the bed, and I opened my mouth to attempt to scream. My mouth was surely open, but not a sound was made as I was pushed harder into the bed. My face was wet with tears, and I blinked just once and the figure had disappeared, I could finally move again. My throat felt hoarse and no matter how exhausted I was, I feared closing my eyes again. I called a friend who did their best to comfort me, and finally I slept again.

Not too long after that night, I had another nightmare. This one was not as physical. I laid in the same bed in the same room, and to my sides, I saw large clawed fingers reach up from under the bed, each hand capable of wrapped around my body. I had already began to pray and call out for help in my mind. These claws collapsed on top of me and began to pull me deep into the bed, but under some good grace I could not feel it this time. Instead, I began to see a white light, and it pulled me from myself, almost as if my soul were lingering close by to watch my body be pulled in.

The white light engulfed the room, and a long dark haired man in a white robe, reached down and the claws retracted into the bed as if in fear. I could feel a comfort in my heart and its pace slowed. Still at a distance, this man’s right hand reached down to touch my body’s face, and I was relaxed enough to wake up from my sleep.

I had wished that would be the end of my nightmares, but it was only the start…

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Blessed be!

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SoHo said...

so this was a dream... well it had me hooked. LOL

Neve said...

Yes, fortunately it was just a dream. A very bad dream.

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