My poor colleague, we will just call her "M", wouldn't be able to report to the office for 2 weeks because she has chicken pox. I remember the time I had it, believe me, it was HORRIBLE! I got it during the summer so I didn't have to miss school. My siblings and I spent our vacation in the province, I recall, and I was the last one to have chicken pox. We had to ride a bus going to Bicol and at that time the tiny bumps were becoming really red and noticeable.

I did everything to avoid being sighted by anyone on the bus. If the conductor knew that I had chicken pox, I am sure he wouldn't have allowed me to ride. LOL, who knew if I actually infected someone in that bus back then? Anyway, I made sure I was always covered up with a towel, it looked like I was wearing a cloak. When we finally reached Bicol, some of our relatives went to pick us up. When one of my aunts saw me, her eyes got wide and she screamed "UTOS" which was the vernacular for chicken pox in Bicol. I almost died of embarrassment. Some of the passengers heard and they looked at me with horror in their faces. Luckily, we left the terminal soon after that.

The next 2 weeks that followed were typically HELL. I couldn't bathe (it was believed that if you get wet, your pustules will leave a mark on your skin) and I itched all over. It was a wasted summer. When I was finally allowed to bathe, the shampoo wouldn't even create suds! I guess its because my hair was too dirty. Bummer!

I hope you weren't too grossed out by my story. I guess I couldn't help but reminisce about that awful period in my life after finding out M's condition. You can visit her blog by clicking this link.

Note: The picture I used is from her blog. :-) I just edited it a bit to fit the topic. LOL.

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Melody said...

I like your Blog! Ohhh HP is amazing < 3

charmedwishes said...

thanks melody! i'm glad you like my blog, i just changed the layout yesterday. i am more excited now to watch harry potter since you said it was amazing.

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