Please check out this website this link : . You can also enter and join the competition they have and get the chance to win an iPAD or a Iphone 4. The movie sounds cool, I will definitely watch it once it hits the theaters here in Manila. Anyway, we were asked this question "What scares you the most?" If you have visited my blog before, you should know that this is a topic I am extremely fond of. So here's my entry:

" I am very scared of CRAZY PEOPLE. Back in year 2000, my family and I moved to the province because my father wanted to start a business there. The area my parents picked happened to be one of the places where a lot of people who are insane resides (I heard that incest was rampant in the area, that could be a factor why people are losing their mind and giving birth to babies not entirely right up there). Anyway, I was reading on my bed one day when without warning this crazy woman who was known in the area for being violent suddenly entered my room and sat on my bed beside me. I don't know how she got inside our house. SHE STARED AT ME WITHOUT BLINKING FOR ALMOST 15 FREAKING MINUTES! I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, I was stricken on the spot because I was so scared that she has a knife on her body and she would suddenly hack me into ribbons. It was a stroke of luck that my younger sister suddenly came in and when she saw the crazed woman on my bed, she called my father and he threw her out of the house. I was so HAPPY when we went back to Manila. I could never forget that experience and I get so freaked out when I am approached by anyone who looks demented (i.e. vagrants, etc). That's all."

That was a TRUE story, by the way. My family could vouch for it. Ugh, just thinking about it gives me the shivers. Here are some entries I also liked:

The Undertaking
Hi everyone, it's Admin sharing a personal experience :) This has happened to me quite a few times - I wake up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep and simply cannot move. It feels like something (or someone) is sitting on my chest and I can't breathe and cannot find my voice to scream. It's the SCARIEST thing ever!!! Completely immobilized and paralyzed and the darkness around me seems to inhale/exhale with my fear. I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for it (chest cramps??) but it's super freaky!

Justin Chieng Not too long ago I attended a funeral, which was really strange as the procession kinda started out at midnite,with all the creepy hell notes and funeral music going around....woke up in a cold sweat after realising it was pretty freaky dream/nightmare...

James Pau
This happened to me a wee while ago and is the scariest thing for two reasons: a) the experience remains vividly burned into my mind and b) the effects have left me scarred and with a mild case of paranoia. It was nearing darkness and I was in Tokyo by myself and heading back to my hotel, when I encountered an old man. The man addressed me in Japanese and was gesticulating wildly at a payphone. He was close enough to me that I could detect the scent of beer on his breath and see extraneous spittle collecting at the corners of his mouth and flicking off onto his cheeks and the surrounding area. I don't know Japanese so I thought he might have been wanting money to use the phone, which I would have been inclined to give him. However, through a serious of broken exchanges and primitive sign language, he managed to figure out I spoke English and I determined that he did not want to use the phone. He then began to make friendly small talk by asking me things such as "Where are you from?" and "Do you go to school?", which are reasonably normal questions to ask. He then proceeded to ask me my age and whether I played sports. At this point, I was beginning to get a little restless and wanted to continue on my way, so I was hoping to end the conversation quickly and said "No, I don't currently play sports," (although I have in the past). The man looked surprised and grabbed my right bicep, giving it a couple of squeezes while inquiring if I was sure. He then bent down and did the same to my right calf. Now more than a little freaked out, I wanted to determine the reason the man had stopped me in the first place and asked him, "Are you ok? Can I help you with anything?". The man lent in close, and whispered in his beer-laced breath, "I am homosexual..." I do not know where he was going with that but I didn't want to hear anymore and basic flight instinct took over (I certainly wasn't going to fight). I shouted a horrified "NOOOOO!" and ran and hid in a nearby convenience store. There, I cowered and shook in an aisle until the man was gone and hastily returned to the safety of my hotel, from then on to be suspicious and paranoid of old men in Japan... T_T

DISCLAIMER: It is not my intention to offend or imply that members of the gay community or the elderly are scary in general. What IS scary, is this isolated combination of being randomly touched and felt in a foreign country by a man several times my age, who made his intentions clearer much too late in the chance encounter.

Dede Poetra The scariest thing that has ever happened to me is met a spirit cursed dead that still haunted the world for just taking revenge because for what he had done during his lifetime, waiting for someone to put end to his misery.......

Dan Nabo
It happened a few years ago when me and my wife tried to sleep in the living room together with our nieces. We were so tired that day but we have to take care of the kids since their parent's not around, so we stay up a little late. when it is our time to take a rest, we saw a shadow of not so tall at the back of the TV set (w/c is the way to our bathroom and kitchen), we thought we're just so tired and now we are seeing things. I don't know how many hours have passed but after i felt i was re-charged, when i opened my eyes i saw a woman dressed in black and her hair was a little frizzy in front and was staring at me (like she wants to kill me.) then i want to get up but i couldn't. i can't move, so i said to myself this is just a dream, then afterwards i can't breathe too. thoughts in my mind says that i could die, so i tried to do what they say is the best thing to do when having nightmares, I tried moving my finger on my foot (the little one) but still i can't. Good thing i have this prayer (in LATIN) about casting out bad entities. then i started chanting it for like three times then tried moving my finger again and i did!!!! I felt like there's an electricity flowed on my body for a second then the woman in black disappeared. After that I woke up gasping for air and was all in sweat. I will not forget this horrifying nightmare!!! EVER!!!!!

Jay C. Trinidad Jr
It happened several years ago when my friends and I were hanging around an open field at around 230am. After an hour or so, we all decided to call it a night. As I started by car and began to turn the car around so that I could make it to the road, I suddenly saw a young girl step in front of the headlights of my car as if bracing herself from being hit. I immediately stepped on the brakes with me holding the steering wheel tight. My bestfriend who was in the car with me asked me why i suddenly stepped on the brakes and I simply asked him whether or not I ran over a litttle girl. He asked me to stop kidding around since the area where we were was known for ghost sightings. I told him I wasnt kidding and I told him that I had to check whether or not I really did run over a small girl. I stepped out and went in front of the car but there was no sign of a girl having been there...

Ricky Nomoore Hammet when I was 7 years old, I was sleeping near the window, somehow all of a sudden the windows open and I was awakened by the wind that comes in, I saw a pair of red eyes look at me like going to stab my eyes, it was so real, and I'm sure it's not dream.

Charmedwishes...Fantasy Myspace Comments
Blessed be!

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