I am thinking of dyeing my hair. I always had dark brown hair and I have always wondered if a change of hair color would improve my looks a little. I must admit that I am a little insecure about my appearance. I mean, I am kind of chubby and I wear glasses. I have been hanging out with these 2 gorgeous girls from work and it made me realize that I also need to look my best so I wouldn't look like a FUGLY (in case you didn't watch MEAN GIRLS starring Lindsay Lohan, fugly means "friends who are ugly"). Although I know that its kind of shallow and my friends doesn't mind being with me considering how I looked, deep within me I recognize that I have to do this for myself.

Anyway, here's my picture. This was taken a few months ago. I am holding our family dog, Sweetheart:

Here's the hair color that I want:

This shade is called Chestnut Brown

Do you think it will suit me? My mom said that I will need to have my hair bleached first so I could achieve the hair color I want. My hair is not a virgin, I already had it dyed before but I always chose dark brown, something really subtle that people don't really notice I dyed my hair at all. If ever, this will be the first time I would color my hair with something extremely noticeable.

Now let's go to my eyes. I am near-sighted and I have to wear glasses almost all the time. Most people say that I look older because of my glasses and when I do take them off, they say that they never noticed before how pretty my eyes are. LOL. Of course, I will feel all giddy and flattered when they say that. Which leads me to the topic of contact lenses. I have been planning to use contact lenses for the LONGEST time but my mother is kind of against it. She says its just a waste of money since a pair would only last me for a year, tops. Also, it is kind of expensive compared to glasses and it is so high maintenance since I need eye solution and I couldn't wear glasses for more than 8 hours, I think.  This is how I look with glasses on. I am holding my niece, Yannah.

I have long debated on which color I want to use on my eyes. I finally narrowed it down to three:
Violet Eyes

Gray Eyes

Ruby Eyes

I know the last one is kind of weird. I am sure you are kind of thinking "Why would he want to have red eyes?" I was actually inspired by this anime, Jigoku Shoujo (translates as "Hell Girl"), and I kind of idolize her so I want to copy her style a little bit. I realize its kind of a nerdy thing to do and I probably would look like a demon possessed me,but hey, what have you. So what do you think?

Now let me get write about my weight. :-) I am considerably chubbier than last year and some of my clothes doesn't fit me anymore. This is really frustrating for me. I cannot go to the gym because I am not allowed by my doctor to do strenuous activities. The only option would be to go on a diet. The sad part is no matter how much resolve I have not to eat, I just couldn't help pigging out on hamburgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken. spaghetti, ice cream, chocolates, and did I mention hamburgers? Oh yes, I did.

Last Friday, my family and I went to the Mall of Asia in Pasay to do a little shopping. Of course, we got a little hungry walking around shopping so we decided to eat at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). My mother just had a Twister with a Banana Yogurt Krusher, my sisters had small burgers with small fries and diet Coke, while I had

KFC Double Down Burger (no bread, 2 slices of chicken, with cheese, bacon, and other fatty things)

Large Fries

Strawberry Yogurt Krusher

A small Wow Burger (I finished eating earlier than my mom and sisters so to pass the time, I ordered another burger)

A Twister (actually only half of it since my mother couldn't finished her's)

Sigh. Yes, I know this doesn't look like what a person who is supposedly on a diet should eat. I just couldn't help it. I had absolutely no willpower when it comes to food. I envy those people who could stuff their faces until they burst but still had the figure of a ramp model. Unfortunately, I am the type whose body shows every single gram of fat that I have munched on.

Oh, did I mention that we ate at Mang Inasal's (its a popular restaurant which serves grilled chicken here in the Philippines) before we went home? We got hungry again after shopping and we ate the following:

Mang Inasal Grilled Chicken with Unlimited Rice

Just thinking about our foodtrip makes my mouth water. I am such a gluttonous pig. Oh well, I guess it will be a long time before I get this kind of body especially with the Christmas Season coming out:

This picture is of Sam Concepcion. Credit goes to Mykikuru Isyusero. Isn't he cute?

So there, that's it. Anyway, I could deal with dieting later. Maybe I will have more willpower next year, but the hair color definitely I could do now. I will post some pictures here after I have it done. Well, thanks for reading this far. :-) Feel free to give me any comments you like, whether it be positive, negative, or even neutral.
Charmedwishes... Emo Myspace Comments
Blessed be!

61 nice comments:

Kay L. Davies said...

Hello Neve - I laughed about your weight problem because I also have no willpower. The only time I can stop something is - if it is damaging my health. I had to quit drinking coffee a month ago, and my stomach is better, but my head still wants coffee. I'm addicted to it.
Having another burger to kill time is probably not a good thing. Have you ever heard of Overeaters Anonymous? At their meetings, you would meet new friends who could help you. I seriously doubt if you'll have more willpower next year. That's like me wishing I'd wake up and be 30 again.
I know you're only kidding about the red contact lenses, because of course you couldn't wear them to work, or to very many other places.
However, I'd suggest you talk to your optician about the cost of disposable contact lenses, to see if they are expensive. My husband wears them only when he is refereeing basketball or football. The rest of the time he wears glasses.
Colored contact lenses are more expensive than regular ones if they're made to match your prescription.
Dyeing your hair sounds like a good idea, but it would be very harmful to your dark hair because all of the dark color would have to be stripped out (bleached) and the new color applied. Then you'd have the expense of getting the roots of your hair colored every time they grow out dark again.
How about trying this: ask about getting the hair around your face highlighted, not blonde highlights but perhaps ash brown. It would change your look and not require all your hair to be bleached.
Think about it before you decide.
I think you look very nice in the picture with your cute little niece.
And I can't give you any camera advice because I still haven't learned how to use my new camera. Sorry about that.
Best wishes for your success,
Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Neve...Listen..I just looked at your photo..and I happen to think you look wonderful. Your hair color is perfect for you. How I wish I had my dark hair back..and I can tell you this..dying your hair is a pain in the tail! It really is. Unfortunately I started dying mine at the first sign of gray. No more and never again. Not only a waste of your good money...but..

Wait!! What on earth makes you think you are UGLY??? You are NOT!
I have a feeling my words will fall on deaf ears. When someone gets an idea this strong into his/her head, nothing can change it. Least of all the words of a woman who is dealing with aging..who used to be rather "cute" as it were, and now has added pounds and graying hair.
Please think though before you fall into this "trap" of altering your looks to such a degree when I think your clothing style and how you carry yourself, your self confidence etc. is what counts the most.
I like what I know of you. But then again, I am not one of your young and beautiful friends...
Do they praise your beautiful heart or do they "try to improve" you.
Take care, Neve...take care.

Neve said...

Thanks Kay and Mona! What you guys said gave me food for thought (until now I am thinking about food). I really appreciate your feedback. I am thinking of not getting contact lenses since they are too much of a hassle. Maybe I will just play around with the frames of my glasses or something. About my hair, I am still undecided. Maybe I will do what Kay suggested, like get subtle highlights or probably I will just have it styled. I will post whatever happens in the upcoming days. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi <3!
I think you are right on track! ;) But don't be too harsh on your self xoxo. So,

I think the chestnut hair color is awesome! and would totally compliment you on your skin tone. How about just highlighting your hair chestnut color especially on the tips.

HAIR CUTS: http://nhairstyle.com/tag/fashion-men/ this site has some nice hairstyles take a look and see what you like.

For the food and weight ... just eat half of your fook then take a 5-10 minute (drink a glass of water) then eat the other half.

***Drink more water and less sugar drinks. Wear a bracelet for a reminder!!

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