I am so happy to be back! Finally, I could update my blog again and just immersed myself in blogworld! I am very excited to post stuff I like (and hopefully you like as well) and to renew the relationship I had with my other blogger friends.

I still have to adjust to the new internet connection we are using. To those who resides in the Philippines like me, does any of you use Wi-tribe? I had my connection put in yesterday and I am sorry to say that as of now, I am not sufficiently impressed. The guys who brought it to our house were great, in fact they went beyond their line of duty to help us. Maybe I will give it a few more days just to see if it will improve.

Well, I will definitely post something again tomorrow. I will just keep this short and expect great things from this blog. Now I have to sleep, I still have a shift later. Take care!

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Blessed be!

2 nice comments:

Mu[g]en said...

Welcome back!! :)

charmedwishes said...

thanks! i hope you will visit me again soon!

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