Hello guys! I wasn't able to use the internet almost the whole day today. Its because today is my Daddy's 55th birthday. We had a small party here in our house and some of our relatives and close friends attended. Of course, we had to make preparations for the party (the food, cleaning the house, etc) and after all the guests left, we had to clean up afterwards. So I am one very fatigued person right now.

I will be posting more later when I wake up. Take care always and enjoy!

A long, long sleep, a famous sleep
That makes no show for dawn
By strech of limb or stir of lid, --
An independent one.

Was ever idleness like this?
Within a hut of stone
To bask the centuries away
Nor once look up for noon?

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This is not really a ghost story (or is it?) but it's still something I cannot explain...

Have you ever had a realistic dream? A dream so realistic, it's like it really happened? Well, this what I experienced...

Well, it happened about 3 years ago. It was a Friday night and for some reason, I coudn't sleep. I was like staring at the ceiling, with my eyes wide open...After laying there for about an hour or so, I suddenly saw an pale young man standing next to me, beside , my bed. I was so shocked! I could not move and I just shut my eyes, hoping that the "man" would go away.

After some time (I did not know how long I shut my eyes, but I definitely DID NOT FALL ASLEEP SINCE I WAS REALLY FRIGHTENED!), I opened my eyes and that "man" was still there, looking at me! This time, he tried to touch my face, and I totally freaked out, I just closed my eyes again. When I opened my eyes once more he was gone.

Everything was the same, the radio was still playing, only without the pale young man. I did not sleep that night.


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Running through the fields with her newly-born foals, mare Royal Beatrice has good reason to celebrate - after managing the astonishingly rare feat of producing twins.

The 22-year-old New Forest Pony has shocked equine experts with the surprise birth of healthy twin foals because the chances of both surviving are so slim.

In nearly all cases, one or both foals die in a twin pregnancy because the mother's uterus cannot support two babies.

Horseplay: Newborns Bess and Royal go for a trot with mum Royal Beatrice

The chances of a mare giving birth to healthy twin foals are about 1 in 10,000, experts said today.

But little filly Bess, and colt Royal, have defied the odds by becoming the first twins to be born in the New Forest, Hampshire for many years.

And at just a few weeks old, the playful pair are lapping up all the attention they are attracting from horse lovers across the country.

Royal Beatrice gave birth to the pair at St Leonards Farm near Beaulieu after mating with a spotted Appaloosa Cockaroost Pazaz stallion.
The inquisitive foals survey their new home side-by-side

Bess and Royal can thank their father for their distinctive white markings and have been registered as First Cross New Forest/Appaloosa ponies.

Secretary of the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society, Jane Murray, said: "It is extremely unusual for horses to give birth to twins like this.

"To get both foals surviving to full pregnancy is a very rare feet indeed and we only have a couple of examples in our stud book of it ever happening before.

"But it is even more rare when the mare is so old. At 22, I think it's fair to say that Royal Beatrice has done extremely well to have healthy twins.

"Her owners can be well and truly chuffed."

Owner Stacey Gulliver from Beaulieu added: "Although my dad did mention she looked a bit fatter than is usual, it was a total surprise that it was twins, especially as they are so rare."

Happy families: The foals were unexpected

The British Horse Society's senior executive of welfare, Lee Hackett, said the overall chances of a mare giving birth to healthy twins are 1 in 10,000.

He said: "This is incredibly rare and it is wonderful news that both these foals have been born healthy.

"In most cases both of the foals will die during pregnancy, or if you are lucky one might manage to survive.

"Most owners will choose to abort as soon as they realise that the mother is expecting twins because they don't want to risk losing the mare as well.

"Horses are just not designed to carry twins. The mother's uterus is not large enough or well enough equipped to cope with them."

He added that a mare's placenta cannot support the needs of two growing foals once they reach a larger size in the later phases of pregnancy and therefore one or both die.

Twins account for around 15 per cent of all pregnancies in thoroughbred horses but in only 10 per cent of those cases will both foals survive to the point of birth.

And even if they make that far, only 15 per cent of those will result in a successful birth of two live foals.

The odds are even slimmer in cross-bred horses, Mr Hackett said.

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Well, time for me to sleep again. I hope you guys are doing all right. I am kind of saddened that one of the followers of my blog stopped following me. I don't know what happened, could it be because I posted something he/she didn't like? I am still glad though that I still have the remaining 25. I do hope someone will give me feedback.

Well, I will close this post here. I have been posting looooong posts recently, hehehehe, got a bit tired. take care and enjoy!

I once had a dream that seemed impossible
I kept on believing and hanging on
Waiting for it to come true
I was naive and childish
I didn't want to listen to the warning words
I didn't want to see the truth
I was selfish and wasted my tears for nothing
Sometimes, No...most of the times
We can't get everything we want
Dreams do come true
But not as we expected.

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In ancient days there lived a man and his wife, and they were blessed with a little girl, who was the pet and idol of her parents. On one occasion the man was called away on business in distant land. Before he went he told his daughter that if she were good and dutiful to her mother he would bring her back a present she would prize very highly. Then the good man took his departure, mother and daughter watching him go.

At last he returned to his home, and after his wife and child had taken off his large hat and sandals he sat down upon the white mats and opened a bamboo basket, watching the eager gaze of his little child. He took out a wonderful doll and a lacquer box of cakes and put them into her outstretched hands. Once more he dived into his basket, and presented his wife with a metal mirror. Its convex surface shone brightly, while upon its back there was a design of pine trees and storks.

The good man's wife had never seen a mirror before, and on gazing into it she was under the impression that another woman looked out upon her as she gazed with growing wonder. Her husband explained the mystery and bade her take great care of the mirror.

Not long after this happy homecoming and distribution of presents the woman became very ill. Just before she died she called to her little daughter, and said: "Dear child, when I am dead take every care of your father. You will miss me when I have left you. But take this mirror, and when you feel most lonely look into it and you will always see me." Having said these words she passed away.

In due time the man married again, and his wife was not at all kind to her stepdaughter. But the little one, remembering her mother's words, would retire to a corner and eagerly look into the mirror, where it seemed to her that she saw her dear mother's face, not drawn in pain as she had seen it on her deathbed, but young and beautiful.

One day this child's stepmother chanced to see her crouching in a corner over an object she could not quite see, murmuring to herself. This ignorant woman, who detested the child and believed that her stepdaughter detested her in return, fancied that this little one was performing some strange magical art--perhaps making an image and sticking pins into it. Full of these notions, the stepmother went to her husband and told him that his wicked child was doing her best to kill her by witchcraft.

When the master of the house had listened to this extraordinary recital he went straight to his daughter's room. He took her by surprise, and immediately the girl saw him she slipped the mirror into her sleeve. For the first time her doting father grew angry, and he feared that there was, after all, truth in what his wife had told him, and he repeated her tale forthwith.

When his daughter had heard this unjust accusation she was amazed at her father's words, and she told him that she loved him far too well ever to attempt or wish to kill his wife, who she knew was dear to him.

"What have you hidden in your sleeve?" said her father, only half convinced and still much puzzled.

"The mirror you gave my mother, and which she on her deathbed gave to me. Every time I look into its shining surface I see the face of my dear mother, young and beautiful. When my heart aches--and oh! it has ached so much lately--I take out the mirror, and mother's face, with sweet, kind smile, brings me peace, and helps me to bear hard words and cross looks."

Then the man understood and loved his child the more for her filial piety. Even the girl's stepmother, when she knew what had really taken place, was ashamed and asked forgiveness. And this child, who believed she had seen her mother's face in the mirror, forgave, and trouble forever departed from the home.

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Situated high in the mountains of Spain, sits a small town with humble white cottages and just over 2000 residents. It also has a mystery that has baffled scientists for decades. The first in a series of unexplained events occurred within the walls of one Belmez cottage more than 30 years ago…

The Beginning
On 23 August 1971, at what is now 5 Real Street, the Pereira family was about to experience a strange manifestation in their home. Maria Gomez Pereira spied a strange formation on the hearth of her kitchen. A spot that evolved with each passing day until finally the face of a person appeared before her. Maria first believed the face to be a figment of her imagination. A hallucination brought on by the fever she was experiencing that summer. The face, depicted in the form of an expressionist painting, was sad and hauntingly out of place on the cement floor. She called her husband, Juan and son, Miguel to the scene. Miguel confirmed that he could clearly see the face of a male and the Pereira family left their home in fear. The following day, they consulted their neighbors who verified that there was indeed an image of a male face on the hearth. A face that to them, resembled Santa Faz, an image displayed in the Church of Jaen. Miguel took a pickaxe and destroyed the hearth floor that was then re-laid with cement. A week later, on September 8th, the face that was destroyed reappeared on the new floor and in the exact same place as the last. This face was later to be known as the "Pava".

This time, the resurrected "Pava" was not destroyed but was instead, extracted and encased behind a crystal frame.

Word spread quickly throughout the small town, making the Pereira home the center of intense public interest and speculation.

The Pereira family enlisted the assistance of the City Council, who set about the task of excavating the earth beneath the Pereira hearth in the hopes of finding the source of the unusual phenomenon. The council dug a pit beneath the hearth of approximately 2.80 meters deep and 1.50 meters in diameter. What they found were a mass of human bones and two headless skeletons. Later tests found that some of these bones were mainly adolescent dating back to the 13th Century. The remains were later transferred to the catholic cemetery for burial.

The pit was filled and the Pereira kitchen floor was once again re-layered with cement.

Shortly after, many different faces appeared on the floor, male and female, their expressions changing and growing in intensity. Vigorous scrubbing would not erase the images nor would the faces leave despite Miguel's attempts to destroy them with his pickaxe.

The faces were determined to stay.

The growing number of visitors to their town unsettled ecclesiastical and political authorities who had received no satisfactory explanation from local experts as to the cause of the phenomenon. It soon became a necessity to have the "faces" debunked in order to put an end to the disruption that the presence of the inquiring public and media frenzy had caused.

Some members of the local population of Belmez also believed the phenomenon to be a hoax, suggesting that perhaps the neighbor's son, a local talented artist, was responsible for the artwork and was playing a joke on his unsuspecting neighbors.

A 24-hr police guard was later placed outside the Pereira home and all visitors were monitored and questioned closely. There was no doubt that the authorities believed the faces to be a hoax.

In early 1972, a noted parapsychologist invited other notable experts in his field to investigate the faces. Among them was Professor Hans Bender from Germany, who stated that the Belmez faces were "without doubt the most important paranormal phenomenon this century".

To their amazement, the faces on the Pereira cement floor continued to evolve and change expression before their very eyes. Old faces disappeared only to be replaced by new faces. This was not only witnessed by the scientists present, but also by their students, investigators, priests, police, journalists and the thousands of visitors that queued outside the Pereira home. What was even more amazing to note was the fact that the expressions on the faces seemed different for each witness and also seemed to mirror the emotions of the woman of the household, Maria Gomez Pereira.

In the presence of a German television crew, the Pereira household, visitors and the notary, the professors performed a simple experiment by dividing the kitchen floor into sections, photographing the faces of each section, then covering them with a jacket and sealing the edges. They then sealed the room and the windows with wax in the presence of the town notary. The room remained sealed and empty for 3 months.

When the sealed room was opened following the 3-month waiting period, the results proved that the faces beneath the covering jacket had evolved and moved during the time of confinement. Another noteworthy manifestation occurred at the same time but in the new kitchen. The figure that would be later dubbed "Lady in the cup"appeared, the clearest image to date.

When the famous "Pelao" was extracted and sent to Valencia
for examination, a new "Pelao" appeared in the exact same place as the previous one. When the original "Pelao" was returned to the Pereira home, the new one disappeared.

Kodak and the parapsychological laboratory at Freiburg University carried out careful analysis of the experimentation photographs, which showed the photographs to be authentic. Photographic manifestations included the apparitions of hands and claws in photographs.

Professor Hans Bender had mentioned that while in the house, he had been touched from behind on the neck. This resulted in continued research into the home of the Pereira family.

They stringently applied every other known test on the "faces". Experiments were carried out to detect radioactivity, organic and chemical composites as well as carrying out x-ray tests, acoustic tests and infrared and ultraviolet photographic analysis. No evidence of paints or dyes were found in the cement. All these tests arrived with no conclusive scientific explanation for the phenomenon. The investigators were only convinced that the phenomenon appeared free of fraudulent machinations and was perhaps the greatest paranormal discovery of the century.

Electronic voice phenomenon (evp) samples were taken at the Pereira home with startling results. Human cries and moans could be heard on the recordings and include a message stating: "Hell begins here".

Further recordings revealed the faces actually taking part in conversations within the room, although not heard at the time; their voices were played back in the audio recording. One disturbing sample that was heard was "Maria, I want to leave".

Skeptics were quick to debunk the recordings stating that the acoustics in the Pereira home made it possible for conversations taking place in the streets to echo within the walls of the Belmez home.

Strange Goings Ons
Maria's husband died in the room of the "faces" in which his final words exclaimed the vision of the "Pava" smiling at him, as he died a painful death. Months later, his face appeared in the cement, witnessed by Maria and their grandchildren.

Many believe that the phenomenon may also be triggered by psychokinetic energy from a human agent, primarily Maria. It was noted that the faces began to lose their intensity and clarity as Maria Gomez Pereira got older and frailer with age.

Some Investigators believed that the materialization of the faces required 3 observable elements:

-The Human Agent (Maria)
-Cement floor

For years, many investigators were convinced that psychokinetic energy played a big part in the phenomenon. Eventually, that theory was tested -- could the phenomenon survive Maria's death?

Farewell Dear Maria
Maria Gomez Pereira, aged 85 years and frail of heart, quietly passed away on the morning of 3rd February 2004. Her deteriorating health in the weeks preceding her death had seen the remainder of her days spent within the confines of a hospital room in Jaen.

On the day of her funeral, hundreds flocked from all over Spain to pay their respects to the woman who was loved by all. A woman who had carried on her shoulders the burden of an inexplicable phenomenon.

The Faces Live On
Shortly after Maria's passing, another extensive examination of the famous floor was conducted, and it confirmed that the faces continued its evolution with each passing day.

The house and its mysterious kitchen floor had survived the blitz of curious onlookers, scientists, paranormal enthusiasts and investigators over the past 3 decades, leaving experts in the field no closer to the truth than they were 33 years ago.

On July 2004, the house with its evolving faces was placed on the market. Its future and its owner are not yet known.

The house remains a living testimony that there are some things on this earth that continue to elude scientific explanation.

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Here are some new pictures of my niece, Yahannah Samantha. My, she is growing so fast!

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In 1560, Elizabeth Bathory was born into one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Transylvania. Her family had many powerful relatives -- a cardinal, princes, and a cousin who was prime minister of Hungary are among these relatives. It has been said that At around the age of 4 or 5, Elizabeth had violent seizures. These may have been caused by epilepsy or another neurological disorder and may have something to do with her "psychotic" behavior later in life. The legend of Dracula is derived in part from her horrific deeds.

At the age of 15, Elizabeth married Count Ferenc Nadasdy. The Count was 26 years of age. The count took Elizabeth's surname so that she could keep her name. The count spent a great deal of time away from home fighting in wars and for this he was nicknamed "The Black Hero of Hungary". While her husband was away Elizabeth's manservant Thorko introduced her to the occult. For a brief time Elizabeth eloped with a "dark stranger".

Upon her return to Castle Cachtice the count did forgive her for her leaving. Back at the castle, Elizabeth couldn't tolerate her domineering mother-in-law. With the help of her old nurse Ilona Joo, she began to torture the servant girls. Her other accomplices included the major-domo János Ujvary, Thorko, a forest witch named Darvula and a witch Dorottya Szentes.

The first ten years of their marriage, Elizabeth bore no children because she and Ferenc shared so little time together as he pursued his "career." Then around 1585, Elizabeth bore a girl whom she named Anna, and over the following nine years gave birth to two more girls, Ursula and Katherina, and in 1598 bore her first and only son, Paul. Judging from letters she wrote to relatives, she was a good wife and protective mother, which was not surprising since nobles usually treated immediate family very differently from the lower servants and peasant classes.

At age 51, Count Ferenc died in battle and thus began Elizabeth's period of atrocities. First, she sent her hated mother-in-law away from the Castle. By this time it is thought that she had dabbled into some forms of sorcery, attending rituals that included the sacrificing of horses and other animals.

Elizabeth, now 40 years old, grew increasingly vain and she feared the thought of aging as she may lose her beauty. One day a servant girl accidentially pulled her hair while combing it. Elizabeth slapped the girl's hand so hard she drew blood. The girls blood fell into ELizabeth's hand and she immediately thought that her skin took on the freshness of her young maid. She believed that she had found the secret of eternal youth.
Elizabeth had her major-domo and Thorko strip the maid and then cut her and drain her blood into a huge vat. Elizabeth bathed in it to beautify her entire body.

From 1600 - 1610, Elizabeth's henchmen continued to provided Elizabeth with new girls for the blood-draining ritual and her blood baths. Elizabeth went out of her way to see to it that the dead girls were given proper Christian burials by the local Protestant pastor, at least initially.

As the body count rose, the pastor refused to perform his duties in this respect, because there were too many girls coming to him from Elizabeth who had died of "unknown and mysterious causes." She then threatened him in order to keep him from spreading the news of her "hobby" and continued to have the bodies buried secretly.

Near the end, many bodies were disposed of in haphazard and dangerously conspicuous locations (like nearby fields, wheat silos, the stream running behind the castle, the kitchen vegetable garden, etc.). But one of her intended victims escaped and told the authorities about what was happening at Castle Cachtice. King Mátyás of Hungary ordered Elizabeth's own cousin, Count György Thurzo, governor of the province to raid the castle.

On December 30, 1610, they raided the castle and they were horrified by the terrible sights: one dead girl in the main room, drained of blood and another alive whose body had been pierced with holes. In the dungeon they discoverd several living girls, some of whose bodies had been pierced several times. Below the castle, they exhumed the bodies of some 50 girls.

In 1611, a trial was held at Bitcse. Elizabeth refused to plead either guilty or innocent, never appearing at the trial. Johannes Ujvary testified that about 37 unmarried girls has been killed, six of whom he had personally recruited to work at the castle. The trial revealed that most of the girls were tortured for weeks or even months. They were cut with scissors, pricked with pins, even prodded with burning irons onto short spikes in a cage hung from the ceiling to provide Bathory with a "blood shower".

Sometimes the two witches tortured these girls, or the Countess did it herself. Elizabeth's old nurse testified that about 40 girls had been tortured and killed. In fact, Elizabeth killed 612 women -- and in her diary, she documented their deaths. A complete transcript of the trial was made at the time and it survices today in Hungary.

Of the people involved in these killings, all but Countess Bathory and the two witches were beheaded and cremated. Due to her nobility, Elizabeth was not allowed by law to be executed. The two accomplices had their fingers torn out and were burned alive. The court never convicted Countess Elizabeth of any crime; however, she was put under house arrest.

She was sentenced to life imprisonment in her torture chamber and stonemasons were brought to wall up the windows and doors of the with the Countess inside. They left a small hole through which food could be passed. King Mátyás II demanded the death penalty for Elizabeth but because of her cousin, the prime minister, he agreed to an indefinitely delayed sentence, which really meant solitary confinement for life.

Late in August 1614, one of the countess's jailers wanted to get a good look at her, since she was still reputedly one of the most beautiful women in Hungary. Peeking through the small aperture in her walled-up cell, he saw her lying face down on the floor. Countess Elizabeth Bathory was dead.

Her body was intended to be buried in the church in the town of Cachtice, but the grumbling of local inhabitants found abhorrent the idea of having the "infamous Lady" placed in their town, on hallowed ground no less! Her body was placed in the northeastern Hungarian town of Ecsed, the original Bathory family seat.

All records of Elizabeth were sealed for more than a century, and her name was forbidden to be spoken in Hungarian society. It is said that you can still hear the screams of the tortured girls near the castle at night.

"Portrait of the real Countess Elizabeth Bathory"

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Stars expand as they grow old. As their core runs out of hydrogen and then helium, the core contacts and the outer layers expand, cool, and become less bright. Most stars will eventually collapse and explode. A star's life span and eventual fate are determined by the original mass of the star. Above and below are pictures of dying stars. The glowing light are caused by surrounding gasses. It's amazing how the death of something can be so beautiful to look at. It looks like something from a fantasy. There are many wonderful pics on the Hubble website. Here also is a poem which is entitled, "Dying Star"

As if the world's started falling apart
as if I'm carrying a broken heart

I stare at you as it comes undone
I'm lying awake but now I'm gone

As if the sun's shining and there's no light
As if I'm fighting but have lost the fight
I walk away from the crowd ahead
I'm breathing still but am already dead

As if it always just rains on me
as if these wounds it never heals
you scream to me those lullaby
and clipped my wings fore I could fly

As if the sky's falling to the earth
as if this star's dying at its birth
the son's gone and its over now
as I listen to this silence so loud

Can you hear the silence
can you hear his scream
can you see him crying
and his broken dreams

Can you heal his wounds
can you feel the pain
can you hold his hands
so he can start again

Can you hear the silence
can you hear his scream
can you see him crying
and his broken dreams

Can you heal his wounds
can you feel the pain
or else shut his eyes
so he won't die again

So far away, no one would ever see
Stellar gases brought together by the ancient song
Hand in hand they begin to embrace...
Together they listen
Together they breathe

Eons will come
Dancing in perfect step
Giving their fuel to the others fire
Dancing in perfect step
Eons will pass

So far away, no one would ever know
Stellar gases torn from each other by the ancient song
Hand in hand they begin to fade...
Together they listen
Together they die

Its light is going dim,
leaving a feel of emptiness.
Dreams of a better tomorrow,
will soon cease to exist.

Caught up in bitter thoughts,
erases signs of happiness.
Dancing among the dark shadows,
grows harder to resist.

Nightmares replace slumber,
contentment's lost to restlessness.
Clouds full of painful confusion,
chills the soul with its mist.

Tears cried are now all dried,
left silent in the nights stillness.
A dying star fell from the sky,
upon its death we wished.

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