For some people, consulting a crystal ball to tell the future is just too boring! Here are 12 strange ways to tell the future:

Scarpomancy: Predict someone’s future by studying their old shoes.

Tiromancy: Study the shape, holes, mold, and other features on a piece of cheese.

Scatomancy: Predict your future by studying your own poop. (Not to be confused with spatulamancy, the study of “skin, bones, and excrement.”)

Bibliomancy: Open the Bible and read the first passage you see – that’s your fortune.

(In some Christian denomination, this is grounds for excommunication.)

Stichomancy: Read the first passage of any book you see.

Pynchonomancy: Throw darts at a paperback copy of Gravity’s Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon, then read the sentence on the deepest page penetrated by the dart.

Uromancy: Predict someone’s future by studying their urine.

Dilitiriomancy: Feed African benge poison to a chicken. Ask the gods a question, being careful to end the question with, “if the chicken dies, the answer is yes,” or “if the chicken dies, the answer is no.” Then wait to see if the chicken dies.

Haruspication: Study the guts of an animal, preferably a sacred one.

Hepatoscopy: Study only the animal’s liver; ignore the rest of the guts.

Alphitomancy: Feed a special cake to an alleged wrongdoer. An innocent person will be able to eat and digest the cake, a guilty person will gag on the cake or become ill.

Alepouomancy: Draw a grid in the dirt outside of your village. Each square represents a different question. Sprinkle the grid with peanuts, wait for a fox to eat them, then study the fox’s footprint to see how the questions are answered.

P.S. Let's stick with good old-fashioned tarot cards and palm reading, shall we...

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Blessed be!

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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I had a reading almost 13 years ago...and to this day it amazes me when I think about it.
I had two wonderful friends with me and I am glad I did as when I remember it...and how exact it still is difficult for me to believe what happened.
Yep...lets stick to the cards, etc. :)
My life gets very strange sometimes and practical me balks ..but then copes.

I am honored you have chosen to follow my blog.
I am afraid the bar is now set so high on some of these fantastic blogs...that it always amazes me when someone choses to follow me.
Thank you so much!

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