Our country has been grieving since last Saturday because of the passing away of our beloved former president, President Corazon "Cory" Aquino. I have never met her in person and I have only seen her on television and in magazines.

For me she is like a queen or the closest we have to a queen here in the Philippines. She is the first Asian president and she was the personification of Asian Woman Power in our country. She was always elegant, calm, and collected even though she has faced the toughest crisis any politician has to faced.

I am not a politically inclined person, in fact I avoid discussing it when I can. But when she died, I fully appreciated what she did for us Filipino people. She liberated us from a dictator and gave us democracy. She gave us freedom of speech. She gave justice to the oppressed.

Thank you, President Cory, for everything. May you have Everlasting Peace and Happiness with God. I hope the legacy you left with us will live forever in out hearts....

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Blessed be!

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