I am so happy, I miss blogging so much. I hope you guys didn't think that I was not going to update my blog again. Actually, what happened was that my computer needed to be worked on and that took like days for our PC technician to fix. To top it off, the fee he was charging us was really astronomical. Thank goodness we managed to shake some sense to that man and we did't have to pay anythingv since we still have warranty on our PC.

Please do check the stories I posted and the funny piece I posted about Barbie. Now I have been getting comments that some people don't like my stories, not because of the content but because of the length. I understand that some people prefer to read short stories (short as in 3 paragraphs, the most) if more they already get bored. Now my intention was to give you a bit more of a feel about the story, to make sure all your questions are answered at the end. But I will try to accomodate those people, I will try to shorten my stories.

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Blessed be!

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chicamom85 said...

I am so glad you got it fixed. Yahoo! I like the picture with the woman, tongues and butterflies. It is kind of freaky, but I like it.


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