This is really great, a dashing young man went out of his way to rescue a poor, adorable, and totally helpless dog. I wish there are more people like that young man! When Bibi the dog was blown off a jetty in Melbourne, owner Sue Drummond looked on helplessly as the maltese-shihtzu cross was tossed by the surging waves. "I thought she was going to sink and then maybe I wouldn't be able to find her," she said. "But I didn't really want to hop in the water either because I wasn't quite sure if I could make it to shore with a struggling dog."

Luckily for Bibi, Raden Soemawinata was also on the pier at Brighton. He stripped off and dived in after the dog. Mr Soemawinata, 20, was on the pier for a family ceremony to scatter his grandmother's ashes into the bay.

"It was pretty cold and windy but it wasn't such a hard decision to jump in. It wasn't such a great feat," he said after the rescue. Gale force winds triggered more than 1000 calls to the State Emergency Service yesterday as Victorians reported damage to houses, roadways and parked cars.
Bii Bi the maltese terrier was blown off the Brighton pier, by gale force winds.

Dog owner Sue Drummond, watched tragically on as her dog was pushed away from the pier, thinking about the dire fate of her beloved pet. At one stage poor Bi Bi was 30 meters away from the pier, before coming back within 5 meters.

BiBi's head was dropping below water, before making one last effort to make it back to the pier.

At that stage, dashing Raden Soemawinata age 20 from Doncaster, prepares to jump off the pier to grab the dog and bring it to safety.

Raden perilously braved hanging off the jetty just to saved the hapless dog! How brave, how noble!

With no thought about his own safety, Raden dropped down to the icy water.

The water felt like a thousand needles was pricking his whole body, but Raden never even had second thoughts about rescuing the grateful little Bibi.

The watching crowd gasped as the bold young man plummeted into the water. Bibi, looking at her savior gravely, was almost dying with cold and exhaustion. She was almost losing all hope, losing her will to live...

But rescue did come and Raden lost no time in pulling the dog to safety.

If Bibi could speak, she would probably be saying "Thank you, kind sir. Thank you, thank you!"
Finally, Raden was able to swim back to shore, bringing the poor dog back to its grateful owner's waiting arms!

Hooray! Bibi the dog is saved!

The triumphant, but very cold, Raden was exhausted at this point. But knowing he had successfully rescued Bibi, gave restored his strength.

Sue was overwhelmed by all the emotions running through her. She managed to tell Raden how thankful she is, but RAden nobly told her that he was glad that he was able to help.

To show her gratitude, Sue hugged the shivering Raden. Raden gallantly hugged her back.

Sue and Bibi, together again!

Bibi: One Lucky and Grateful Little Dog

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