Yahoo! Its my 200th post. I can't believe how time flies. Time passes so quickly when you are enjoying what you are doing. In honor of my 200th post, I will be sharing something more about me, the author of this blog.

But before I do that, l just want to thank the lovely people who followed my blog. I now have 20 followers, yehey! I love you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you! You people really inspire me to do my best. I just hope that you guys are enjoying the things I post whether it is scary, funny, etc. Whatever I post here, its just something that crossed my quirky mind, something that I want to share about me.

Which brings me to another topic: How long will I remain single? Sigh, I have been loveless for so long now. Don't say I haven't tried looking for my Prince Charming, because I have. Like the Princess in the story, I have been kissing a lot of frogs, but none of them turned into a prince. Its all been me taking the chance and then me losing in the end.

I know, people have been saying, you should be patient, the right guy will come, just wait and see. Well, I am not getting any younger here. I will be celebrating my 28th birthday in October. At my age, most people already have their own family (not that I want to have a heterosexual relationship and get married), but what about me? I do want romance and to feel loved and be loved. Which brings me to yet another topic: How come my younger siblings have lovelives and I do not?

I am the eldest of 5 children, my younger brother is already living with his girlfriend and they share one apartment. My middle sister already has a baby with her boyfriend. My youngest sisters (they are twins) have their own boyfriends. The longest relationship I had only lasted for 4 months (no matter how hard I tried to save the relationship). I can't help but feel jealous and wonder how come they have people who love them and I don't.

This only adds to my somewhat very low self-esteem. I have already said in my previous post that I am doing my best to be more confident and to love myself. But its so difficult, honestly. Its hard trying to know your self-worth when things do not go the way you want it to go.

Right now, I could say that blogging is very therapeutic for me. I meet so many wonderful people, and these people share their own lives and I learn so many things about them. When I started this blog, I thought nobody will be interested to read (my low self-confidence speaking again) but you guys proved me wrong. That's why I am so grateful. Will you guys join me to my journey to wherever it leads me?

Okay guys, better close this now. I am getting teary-eyed again. I am so emotional. Take care and enjoy!

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Blessed be!

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Knox Galen said...

Happy 200th. Remember dude, each one of us has his own insecurities. Whatever you are seeking, I wish, you will find soon.


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