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When I was on my way home from work earlier, my officemate (her name is Marielle) and I noticed this bright lights near our office. I thought those lights were just placed there to attract customers but Marielle said that there must be a shooting nearby. It turns out that she was right, there was a film crew nearby shooting a scene in one of the bars there.

Of course, Marielle's curiosity was very piqued and I must admit that mine was too, however if I wasn't with her at that time, I wouldn't have gone there my myself. I would have been embarassed if I was turned away but luckily Marielle was there with me so even if that happens, at least I won't have to suffer the embrassment alone, hehehehe.

So there we were, I think the crew was playing back the scene they just shot coz the people there were just sitting around, tiredly watching and listening to this monitor (it was around 5am by the way, almost dawnbreak). I didn't see anyone famous there so I thought that it was probable just a commercial shoot or something. But Marielle quickly approached one of the bystanders there, I lagged behind, my interest just about dwindling. Then I saw Marielle light up like a neon sign and then excitedly getsured for me to come near. I approached her and she gushed out that they were filming "Lovers in Paris" (to those who are not familiar, its a Korean soap opera remake that is going to be shown here in the Philippines) and the actors filming were Assunta da Rossi, KC Concepcion, and Piolo Pascual!

Now, if it were just Assunta and KC (again, both are Filipina actresses), I wouldn't have cared so much and I probably would have watched with just casual interest, but Piolo Pascual! Gosh, he is my ultimate crush! When I finally saw him, I had to stifle my scream and I felt all shivery and weak inside. I was so upset I didn't bring my camera phone with me, I would have taken shotsa of Piolo. Then when he came so close to where I was standing, Like 7 feet away, I felt like I was going to faint! He was so cute and hunky! I swear, I was swooning.

Then it was over, they shot the scene and they went back inside the bar, probably to rest since I said they were working during that early hour, poor Piolo was probably tired to death. Anyway, I will definitely be bringing my camera phone with me later, just in case they will be shooting again in that place tomorrow!

Okay, that's all for now folks! Take care and enjoy!

"KC Concepcion and my crush, Piolo Pascual"

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Little Lovables said...

oh my goodness, when you said "a shooting nearby" I was thinking, as in a hostage, gun shooting! so glad it wasn't :)

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