Years ago some of my friends decided to have a slumber party. We stayed in one of my friend's house, which was very old and known to be haunted. Well, we were young and bored and we decided to play a few games such as light-as-a-feather, truth or dare, and then we made a Ouija board out of a pizza box that we had from earlier. None of us really believed that it would work, but we tried it anyway, mostly as a joke.

At first it was just the same old things: "where are you from, who were you, how did you die?". We all kept teasing each other saying that the others were moving it. Well, once we made contact with one particular spirit...things quieted down and we all started getting a little freaked out.

The reason was because when asked who this spirit was, he replied that he wasn't able to tell us this. He then said that we were to pay close attention to what he had to say. We all sat there, totally intent on what was being spelled out on the board. I will NEVER forget what it said that night.

The spirit proceeded to tell us that he was in hell and that it was different than how humans perceived it. He told us that there were 37 devils...that they were all a different rank and color and that the red one was the devil that we hear of normally and he was in charge of everything.
Supposedly, every devil dealt with different mortal sins. Now I know that this sounds ridiculous, and if I hadn't been there that night, I would've swore that someone had a VERY wild imagination. However, I was there and what happened that night will never leave my memory.
This went on for about a half hour, him telling us about hell. Then, suddenly...the planchette started spelling out "help, help, help...they're coming". When we asked what was coming, we got no reply...we kept on asking and finally we were answered with, "They're almost here, can't talk anymore"

With that, we all took our hands off the planchette and it whirled around with no one touching it, it then flew off the board completely. We all sat there completely shocked and couldn't believe what had happened.

We all then pulled our mattresses together, threw the Ouija board away, and tried to go to sleep. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep. The next morning, I was walking back from the bathroom with two girls, Joyce and Deanne. (Note: its okay even though I am a guy since I was openly gay.) We were talking about the night before and we were trying to laugh it off, saying that someone had to push it, all along knowing that that wasn't possible...but still trying to convince ourselves otherwise.

Suddenly, the window behind us slammed shut. We looked at each other and then ran to the room, completely freaked out. It wasn't that we scared all that easily, it's that each one of us, as well as other girls in the house had sworn that that window had been shut and locked and no one remembered opening it.

Whether that had anything to do with the night before or our spirit, I'll never know, but I will never forget that night as long as I live.

I hardly see those friends anymore, but when we do get together, we hardly ever talk about it with each other. I haven't told anyone except my very best friends. Is it possible that what this spirit told us was true? As hard as it is to believe, I really don't think that any of us could've made up such an elaborate tale with details like that. All I know is...I have never touched an Ouija board again to this day and don't plan on it anytime soon.

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