Hello guys! Now, like what I usually do, I want to say thanks to my 26 followers. Here's one big kiss to you guys, mwah! I hope you will visit my blog often. As you can see, I post daily so everytime you visit, there will always be something new here to see. You will still read my ghost stories, that was originally this site was for, but you guys probably noticed that my posts are getting more varied as time pass. I just thought I shouldn't concentrate in one genre. Besides, I also have more than 1 interest, why settle right?

I am kind of sad because my leave for next week was not approved. Sigh. Its because I filed it too late, most of those who were approved filed it like months and months ago. I filed again for the last week of September, hopefully that will be approved. I really want to have more rest time and so I could concentrate more on my blog.

I will be taking some pictures of my hometown very soon, so you would have an idea about where I live. I was inspired by some blogger friends I have that featured their home and have lots of personal pictures, so I would do that myself. Again guys, I am very open for suggestions here. What do you want to see in my blog?

Okay, time for me to go bloghopping and visit my blogger friends. After that, time to sleep. Take care always, mwah!

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Blessed be!

3 nice comments:

sara said...

i'm so glad you like my blog:)your's is very beautiful!

Kelvin Oliver said...

Oh yes, sometimes the leave to work are arranged ahead of time. But I hope you able to make it for another date in the future. It's always good to catch up on some sleep because it is needed. Far as blogging, the only thing I have to say is just keep writing and entertaining us with your stories and thoughts. They can go a long way.

charmedwishes said...

sara: thanks, your blog is also one of the prettiest i have visited. your words are just magical!

kelvin: its okay, i am over it. :-) hopefully they will approve my vacation leave for the last week of september. i really need rest! and plenty of it!

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