I was surfing the net and came across this website about a rapper name Filipeanut. What i found interesting was this rapper made a song (or rap) about scary beings from the Philippines. He named the rap, "Scary Filipino Stories". Anyway, I will post his link here and share his music. The song is not actually scary, its even funny. But I guess its an overview of some of the ghoulies we have here in the Philippines.



The aswang is the most feared of supernatural creatures on the Philippines. They can enter the body of a person and through this person they inflict harm on those the they dislike. Most common are the female variety who appear as an ugly old woman with long, unkempt hair, blood-shot eyes, long nails, and a long, black tongue. She has holes in her armpits which contain oil. This gives her power of flight.
A being of enormous power, she can transform herself into any shape, even inanimate objects. She preys on children, pregnant women, and ill people. Once she has overpowered a victim, she will take a bundle of sticks, talahib (grass), and rice or banana stalks, and transform these into a replica of her victim. This replica is sent home while she takes the real person back with her. Upon reaching its home, the replica will become sick and die. The victim will then be killed and eaten. She is said to be particularly fond of the liver.

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