Okay guys, time to rest my weary bones again. My head right now is like splitting, I am so exhausted today. I received so many calls at work and so many irate callers. I hope my shift later will be better and that we won't be receiving that many calls.

I would like to thanks again those who had taken the time to read my blog. I made this blog so many people would enjoy and so I could share something of myself. Every post contains a little bit of myself, my sometimes dark, pretty (hehehehe), mysterious, and kind self. (Hey this is my post, allow me to be a little big-headed sometimes, only this time, hehehehe).

Well, enough of that. I am going to offer this poem as my thanks to you guys. Take care and I love you!

How can I sing my gratitude,
Explain my silent sea,
Approximate in words the gift
That you have been to me?
How can I show my love to you,
Elucidate that golden drift,
Rolling wild and free?

Fantasy Myspace Comments
Blessed be!

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