Before sleep overcomes me, I just want to say hello and greetings to the lovely people who have been visiting my blog. Don't forget to come back and please do leave a comment. I really, really appreciate it. If you want you can also make use of the Shoutbox in my blog, if you don't want to leave a comment on the actual post.

I am extremely sad that one of my blog friends, Lori of Before the Stroke of Midnight has to say goodbye to blogworld because she has to terminate her internet connection, to cut down on her expenses. Actually, I can totally relate since my mother asked me if we can also have ours disconnected because not only do we have to pay the monthly bill for the internet connection, there's also the electricity bill that we have to consider. However, I adamantly refused since our internet connection is one of my only pleasures. I just told her that I would foot the bill (at least part of it) so we can continue with the service. Anyway, we have a contract for 12 months and its only been about 4 months since we had our connection.

How have you guys been faring with this recession? I hope you guys are coping well. Hopefully, this awful economic crisis will be over by 2010 so we could all relax again.

Okay, let me close this post on that hopeful note. I need to rest, take care and enjoy the site!

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Blessed be!

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