My mother told me this story, and everytime she tells this story she always cries. This took place in the province of Bicol here in the Philippines.

Well, this is what happened. Its about my mother's friend whom we will just call Delia. This happened way back in the 1980's. Her family was poor but she didn't care, she had her husband and kids (a boy aged four and a baby girl barely a year old) and that's what counted. They lived in Naga City for less than a month, and they needed desperately to find a place to live. My parents found an apartment, which was supposedly "haunted". Everyone called it the, "the ghost house" but they weren't scared, they needed a place to stay and of course it was cheap.

When Delia and her family got settled in at their new place, her husband received a phone call from his aunt who lives in Manila saying they needed him to do some business there and since they needed the money, Delia's husband left. So it was just Delia and her 2 young kids who were left in the apartment.

One night, Delia's baby daughter was sick and kept on crying. Delia tried her best to make her feel better. Delia began to breastfeed the baby but she woudn't suckle. Because Delia was also tired taking care of the baby and her little boy, she fell asleep.

In the middle of the night Delia woke up, and saw this man, a young man with an unearthly glow, walking towards the door of their apartment holding something... He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. Delia was very surprised to say the least and looked at the door because the apartment door had three locks and there was no way he could have come in without making any noise.

Delia looked at her baby daughter and she tried to wake her up--but she wouldn't wake up--the ghost must have snatched the baby girl's soul--because the baby was DEAD.

Delia was of course almost mad with grief,but it was already too late to do anything. She just consoled herself saying it must have been a good ghost because he was wearing a white shirt, he was probably bringing her spirit to heaven.

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