I was very bored today and decided to make fun of myself by editing my pictures and making these cool graphics. Isn't it hilarious?

My Fans!

See how they flock to see my pictures!

I'm in the cover of Glamour magazine!

People can't get enough of me, they're even painting my pictures in the floor!

Even the malls in the country wants my picture in the billboards

Shopkeepers use my picture to attract customers

All the shows on tv only show my image!

Even Angelina Jolie is my fan!

People are having group discussions about me

I serve as inspiration to artists!

My image is beloved by all!

Roses, my favorite flower, adorns my image

Hehehehe, just kidding. Now they are burning my image. They got fed up of me, I guess. Have a nice day. Take care!

Fantasy Myspace Comments
Blessed be!

1 nice comments:

homespun1 said...

wow your very talented...your pictures put a smile on my face.

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