I saw these pictures from the internet and I thought that these cats are really amazing. It turns out that there's an explanation why these cats looks like they have wings. These are:

1. The most common is longhaired cats having matted fur. Felted mats of fur can form along the body and flanks if a longhaired cat is not properly groomed. Less commonly, mats can occur in shorthaired cats if molted fur adheres to growing fur over several seasons. When the cat runs, the mats flap up and down giving the impression of wings.

2. The second explanation of reports of winged cats is a skin condition called feline cutaneous asthenia or FCA, which is related to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (elastic skin) in humans. In winged cats that are due to FCA, the wings only occur on the shoulders, haunches, or back. Winged cats that are due to FCA can often actively move their wings, suggesting the presence of neuromuscular tissue within the wings, which is not present within clumps of matted fur alone.

3. The third explanation is a form of conjoining or extra limbs. These non-functional or poorly functional extra limbs would be fur covered and might resemble wings, as in one winged cat case recently documented by Dr Karl Shuker, in which the wings were shown to be supernumerary limbs.

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