Angels surround us no matter where you go
Angels are around us don't you know
Angels will be strong for you
Angels will belong to you
Angels will survive for you and protect you
no matter what you do
Angels will be there in time of need
and angels will never leave as long as you believe.

Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder,
The Keepers of magic and dreams.
Angels watch over you wherever you go,
Keeping each day perfect
and promising a bright new tomorrow.

The motto of all angels is
"It is a wonderful life."

Wherever there is love,
An angel is flying by.

Angels help you carry the ball,
carry a tune, carry your weight
and carry on!

Your guardian angel knows you inside
and out and loves you just the way you are.

Angels keep the world safe for hummingbirds
and butterflies and rainbows in spring.
Angels keep it simple and always travel light
Angels love whispering secrets
and whistling in the dark
Whenever you hear music,
an angel is speaking to you.

Remember to leave space in your relationships
so the angels have room to play
Your guardian angel helps you
find a place when you feel there is no place to go.

Keep a spare angel in your pocket
Angels carry high-beam lights
to help you through the darkest hours
Whenever you feel lonely,
a special angel drops in for tea.

Every time you hear a bell,
another angel has earned its wings
Angels are with you every step of the way
and help you soar with amazing grace.
After all, we are angels in training
We are always "angels on call" for a friend
All we have to do is spread our wings and fly...

I never cease to be amazed
By wonders God has planned...
The rising sun, the morning dew...
It's the work of a Master's hand.

Such perfect system of control;
Every month, in sweet array,
Some different kinds of flowers bloom...
God planned it all that way.

For in the early days of Spring,
The bright forsythias grow,
And then in June sweet roses come,
In Autumn pumpkins glow.

And when cold weather comes our way,
I glance up at the sky
And see formation of the birds
As to the south they fly.

It's just a fool who could deny
This power through our land.
I am amazed, but realize
It's the work of a Master's hand.

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Blessed be!

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