I was told a story about a lady in the hospital. She was near death, when a young nun came to visit her.

This nun was a beautiful young woman with a very sweet face. She greeted the lady, talked and listened for a while, and before she left, she gave her a small gift for comfort. It was a tiny ceramic frog.

The next day one of the ladies from her church came by for her regular visit.

She was told about the beautiful young nun who had come to visit the day before. The friend was very impressed with how much improvement the lady had made since her last visit, and felt the need to talk with the young nun.

In her search to find the youngnun, she was repeatedly reassured that the nuns in the area are not very young, and there was not a nun fitting that description around the hospital anywhere.

After returning to her friends room, a nurse entered and noticed the ceramic frog. Picking up the frog, she made the comment,
"I see you have a guardian angel with you."

We asked why she would make such a comment, and were informed that the frogs were a gift from our guardian angels, reminding us that we should:

Forever Rely On God

Never underestimate yourself:

To The World You Might Be One Person;

But To One Person you might be the world.

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Blessed be!

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