Well, time for me to sleep again. I hope you guys are doing all right. I am kind of saddened that one of the followers of my blog stopped following me. I don't know what happened, could it be because I posted something he/she didn't like? I am still glad though that I still have the remaining 25. I do hope someone will give me feedback.

Well, I will close this post here. I have been posting looooong posts recently, hehehehe, got a bit tired. take care and enjoy!

I once had a dream that seemed impossible
I kept on believing and hanging on
Waiting for it to come true
I was naive and childish
I didn't want to listen to the warning words
I didn't want to see the truth
I was selfish and wasted my tears for nothing
Sometimes, No...most of the times
We can't get everything we want
Dreams do come true
But not as we expected.

Fantasy Myspace Comments
Blessed be!

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Dustjacket Attic said...

Hi, just wanted to welcome you over at the attic, hope you continue to like the posts!

That picture is very dreamy.

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