Every time I start blogging, it is always my habit to open my yahoo messenger and email, just to check if I receive any messages and see if my friends wants to chat with me. I found it really odd when yahoo messeger did not accept my password, then an awful suspicion entered my mind. I quickly opened my email account and my suspicion was confirmed: SOMEONE HACKED MY EMAIL AND CHANGED MY PASSWORD!

Flashback to what happened before I slept this morning: I was very tired, since I just came from work and my mind was not functioning that well, when I saw this email (thinking about it now, it was in the SPAM Folder and that should have been a warning to me already. Duh, I am so stupid!) which was allegedly from yahoo.com asking me to send my email information since they will be updating whatever. Here's the screenshot of the nefarious email:

To my defense, I was feeling kind of groggy and sleep-deprivation was having its toll on my mind and body. I replied to the email with all the information it was asking for. Then I went to sleep. (Note: You might be confused why I sleep in the morning. I work in a callcenter and our customers are based in the USA. There's like a 12-hour time difference, when its 12:00nn in New York for example, its 12am here in the Philippines or something like that.)

Thankfully, I have alternate email addresses and I was able to retrieve my account. I changed the passwords of all my online accounts, making sure that each are different from one another and very hard for other people to guess, and I deleted the email address of that awful creep. Of all the nerve, he added his email address as another alternate email! His email address is kenjohnxx@yahoo.com. I checked if he has a facebook account and it turns out that he has and here it is:

So it tuns out that this person, this Gbenga Adesheye is the culprit. I don't know if this is a fictitious name or what and I don't care to find out. From the sound of his name, it appears he comes from Africa though he changed the information of my account to Atlanta, Georgia. I was about to to send this person a very nasty message, giving him a piece of my mind, but my sisters and mother stopped me, saying to leave it alone and that this person might do more harm to me if I aggravate the situation. It was a good thing I listened because in hindsight, that was very good counsel.

I feel so violated! So it is like this then, you really can't believe that it will happen to you until it hits you right in the face. I am so dazed right now, its like I can't seem to think straight and I want to weep. I am so fortunate I don't have anything in my email that will benefit him; I basically use my email to send and receive messages from my yahoo groups and I don't keep any information that will be of any monetary gain to anyone.

So there you have it folks, please be careful yourselves. Never, ever share personal information with other people as much as possible especially if you don't know that person very well. Don't give out your passwords (I will continue to rue my lack of judgement, I was so naive!) and whatever email account you are using, the moderator will never ask for your details to send in an email, they usually just send you a link to click. The wisest advice is: Don't do any transactions as much as possible when you are feeling sleepy or distracted. Believe me, I learned the hard way.

Enough of that, on a more positive note, I have 18 followers now. Hooray! I am happy because of that. I won't let you guys down, I will do my best to make my blog enjoyable for all of us! take care and blessed be!

The evening hangs beneath the moon,
A silver thread on darkened dune,
With closing eyes and resting head,
I know that sleep is coming soon,
Upon my pillow safe in bed,
A thousand pictures fill my head,
I cannot sleep my mind's a-flight,
And yet my limbs seen made of lead,
If there are noises in the night,
A frightening shadow; flickering light,
Then I surrender unto sleep,
I surrender unto sleep,

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Blessed be!

2 nice comments:

engel said...

Your mom and sisters are right, just change your password, and let that hacker be. He might do some nasty things to your account if you aggravate him more...

And i don't believe in the scary stuff, thank you very much... hehehe

Kelvin Oliver said...

Sometimes I have problems signing into Yahoo Messenger for some odd reason. I meant to get on top of that issue. Sometimes those suspicious e-mails have to get marked as spam because I get plenty of spam and sometimes a few e-mail slip through. Other than that I'm pretty much keep myself safe from anything bad happening. Cool blog you have here.

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