Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011! Last year was truly tumultuous and I hope that this year will prove to be better. I resigned from work last year and applied in a new company. I enjoy my work very much despite the low salary I am getting. But hey, I am not complaining since the workload is not that heavy. I enjoy coming in to work because there is definitely less stress (you don't know how tense I was when I was still working for my previous company, its no fun talking to complaining customers!) and I like most of the people in our office.

I guess it is common for people to have a New Year's resolution so I think it is only right that I post mine here. Let me give you 10 of my resolutions for this year.

  1. Try to be less serious, learn to enjoy more- I am always worrying about this and that and honestly, for most of the time it is something really trivial and beyond my control. I want to enjoy my youth while I still have it. 
  2. Lose weight, I mean REALLY! - I know its a pretty common resolution and one that often gets broken but I am really SERIOUS about this. I am going to be slimmer this year since being chubby isn't really helping out my image and I want to be healthy and all that stuff. 
  3. Improve my looks - I have posted on my blog before that I want to change my hair color, eye color, etc. and I may still do that depending on how my mood goes. But most definitely I want to start looking better and stop looking so boring. 
  4. Be more smart with money, be more thrifty! - I am an impulsive buyer :-(  Most of the time, I buy these really useless junk and my budget suffers as a consequence. I want to be more analytical and wise in money matters and I will try to remember that its not how many you own but its how much you keep.  :-)
  5. Be less bitchy, be more friendly! - I am sorry but I enjoy being a bitch for too long. :-) By bitchy, I mean that I am too opinionated and I don't take crap from anyone. I could sometimes come across as bossy and snobby but that's all going to change (little by little). That doesn't mean that I am going to let people walk all over me (just let me see them try!) but I will make a concentrated effort to be sweeter and nicer even though I feel like scratching some people's eyes out.
  6. Go to church more often - I am a very prayerful person but there are times (specifically Sundays) that I fail to hear mass. I will have to make it a point that I go to mass every Sunday since I don't work anyway on that day and its my way of thanking God for taking care of me and my family.
  7. Smile more! - I don't smile a lot because I think that I look better if I don't smile because my face creases up every time I flash a grin. I know it sounds weird but that's the way I look at it.
  8. Catch up on my reading and finish my cross-stitch - I don't get to read too much nowadays and I truly miss it. I bought so many books too and they're just gathering dust in my room. I have to pick up on my cross stitch especially since my friend Denzyl gave me this pretty Barbie cannister lunch box for Christmas and I used it to store all my thread. 
  9. Update my blog regularly - I love my blog and I really want to have as many followers as I can. That's why I have to find ways to make my blog more exciting and interesting to my readers.
  10. Be a better child to my parents, a good sibling to my brother and sisters, and a good friend - I think this doesn't need any explanation. I want to show my parents how happy I am that they raised me and my siblings the best they could, especially my Mommy who is always there to support me. To my dear brother and sisters, I am sorry if your "kuya" is sometimes like a frivolous butterfly but I promise to improve myself so hang on there! To my friends, well what more can I say? I am always here when you need me.
I was going to include that I should have a new boyfriend this year but how can I make sure of that? Its not as if I achieve that without the help of someone (i.e my crush) and I don't know how that would happen since I am so shy and I don't even know his name!

Wow this post is so long already! Before I close this, here are the gifts I received this Christmas:

My office colleague, Ronald Gow, gave me this shawl and I am currently using it in the office.

My sister, Marie Chit, gave me this lovely Barbie notebook

My office colleague and friend Denzyl gave me this shopping bag. I love the message.

Denzyl also gave me this lunch box. I like it.

Marie Fay, one of my sisters, gave me this bed sheet which I will definitely use.

Enjoy and Happy New Year again!

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Blessed be!

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