i am 27 years old and i am a very sentimental person. i am very interested in witchcraft and the occult but don't get me wrong, i am not a devil worshipper. actually, i am a devout catholic and i don't really consider witchcraft as a religion, just a way of life like being a vegetarian or doing yoga. i know that i can be a very good friend and i am very loyal and sweet. i can be your worst enemy if you did something horrible to me but that rarely happens so don't let that turn you off. :-) i am someone whom you can turn to in times of trouble and i am willing to lend a shoulder when you want something to cry on. ( pero wag naman sanang gawing tissue iyong damit ko na pagpahid ng sipon, now that's gross.) basta if you want a good friend then i am your guy.

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REDLAN said...

parang interested ako sa witchcraft na yan ha. hehehe

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