A few nights ago, I was busy doing something online when I heard a strange sound. Its like something opening and closing. I shifted in my seat and then something brushed my knee! I was so startled that I screamed and almost woke everybody in house up. It turns out that it was the CD-ROM of my computer. Its opening and closing on its own. I don't know what's wrong with it. Is it a virus that is making it act like that? Is it a hardware problem? My computer is still under warranty (I just bought it second-hand somewhere) but I have to confess that the main reason I was unable to return it the store is because I don't know how to return the CPU in the box. I mean, I guess I can just remove the cables attached but I am not confident that I will not damage the CPU or loose a screw or something. I am not a techy person. All I know is to use the internet and that's it. So far, it only happens occasionally, the sporadic closing and opening of the darn CD-ROM.

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