I would like to share some bits and pieces about me. Here are some pictures from my house:

This the teddy bear that sits on the tv in my bedroom. I have a tv but I never use it. I guess I like surfing the internet better now. Then there's my hairbrush and a small jewelry box where I keep some of my valuables (just 2 rings and a few bracelets). By the way the teddy bear is names "Atabs" which is "taba" (fat) in Tagalog. It is actually my sister's teddy bear, her boyfriend gave it to her but after her boyfriend gave her my niece, of course all the attention went to the actual baby and now Atabs resides in my bedroom.
You are probably wondering what this is. Well, its a bucket which is hanging literally in my bedroom's ceiling. It was ingeniously put there by my father because it is leaking on that spot directly on my bed. I just don't know why they won't repair the roof itself, but hey its better than nothing.

I was feeling a bit lazy that's why I only have 2 pictures here. I will post more pictures of some parts of out house once I have taken more pictures.

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