I am so sorry guys at kung anu-ano ang mga nakalagay dito sa blog. Its just that I am trying to show you all my interests and what I am all about. Right now, I am obsessed with Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo). I mean, I watched all the episodes and even downloaded the music. I am the sort of person who is very interested in everything paranormal and it tweaks my interest in harboring vengeance on someone with the help of an entity. In this case, a beautiful young girl who has the power of sending your enemy immediately to hell. There's a catch though: once you go into contract with Hell Girl, after you die, you will also go to hell. Medyo steep ang price pero atleast nadispatsa nyo yung kaaway nyo kaagad,di ka makukulong kasi pwede ka bang makulong eh di naman kaw yung mismong dumispatsa sa kanya. You can only get in touch with her on the stroke of midnight,by accessing her webpage and putting the name of your enemy in it. hehehehehe, so far may mga taong gusto akong ipadala sa hell. Nah, yoko nga mapunta sa hell.

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