There are houses in my neighborhood which I really like. I often fantasize being able to get inside these houses and actually owning one similar someday. I used to make up stories about the type of people that lived in these houses (I never tell them to other people, I just keep it to myself,though). Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to get inside these abodes:

This house is beside the chapel near our subdivision. By far it is the largest one in the entire community and possible the most well-kept. I always see servants cleaning the surroundings of the house and before, there was just a grilled fence around it and you could see part of what's inside the house. I always do my best to glance inside the living room and from outside you could look well into the dining area. I guess the owners got concerned about their privacy that's why they had a wall made of concrete replaced the grilled fence. Sigh! Sorry the pictures are going to be a bit blurry. i had to take these pictures surreptitiously, the people in our nbeighborhood may think I have evil intentions in taking a picture of their houses without permission.

Okay, I know this is not a house but its something that is very interesting to me (I just don't know about you). Its an empty lot near the house I like very much. Since its vacant, trees grow there and I think I would have enjoyed staying beneath the shade of the trees there sometimes if only I can. Alas, its not near enough where I live and the people that actually lives there might think I stranger than I am already am.

I went to church yesterday coz it was Sunday (We rarely hear mass in the chapel near us, since they only have services in the morning. We prefer going to the parish church which is not that far). There's this house which is still under construction. I don't think you could see it quite clearly in the picture, but this house is not your typical everyday house. My sister calls it a mauseleum. Why? The house is made of marble and there are marble statues of gods and goddesses (atleast that's what it looks like) all around the house. It definitely looks interesting. I will continue to monitor that house and I will post another article about it once it is finished. One thing I know though,the people who is having the house built is rich. No wonder can afford a house made of marble complete with statues nowadays, unless you have money to burn.

Here is another house I like. Its near the church where we hear mass. It looks so cheerful and pretty, isn't it? Again sorry for the blurry picture, I have to take a quick shot of it coz there was someone sweeping the street nearby, he might think that I have malicious intent.

I will post more about the houses and things I like next time. Take care!

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line of flight said...

some houses in some subdivisions in metro m remind me of the potlatches of the pacific northwest america except no one benefits!

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