Something absolutely scary happened before I went to sleep earlier. I was again blogging and mainly just browsing the internet the entire night. At around 5am, I felt really sleepy already and I decided to sleep. So I turned off my computer (My computer is in our living room) and then went to my bedroom which is near the kitchen.

So I opened my bedroom door and then THIS BLACK CREATURE-PERSON THING RUSHED PAST ME! It was dark near the kitchen and my bedroom of course was in total darkness since I was just turning in to sleep. The thing went straight to the kitchen and as far as I know disappeared, our house is not big it couldn't have hidden itself anywhere. I screamed of course and my scream woke up my family. Let me tell you something about my family, my parents are still together but they have "differences" so they don't sleep in the same room. My father sleeps with my 2 youngest sisters (they're twins) and my mother sleeps in another bedroom with my sister and her baby (my sister is a single mother).

So they rushed towards me (except my sister who has a baby) and asked me what was wrong. NOTE, they were all there, newly awakened. There was nobody else in the house and it couldn't have been one of them. The creature was about as tall as me, with long coarse hair (it brushed against my arm) and was black, I don't know I couldn't see it well enough. I explained what happened and of course they didn't believe me. They said I was just imagining and such, we were the ones who constructed our house. Its not as if something bad happened here before or something.

I just said nothing and went in to my bedroom. This was my most scariest but not the first time I encountered ghosts (although this was not a ghost, I think it was an elemental). Thank goodness it was breaking dawn that time, at least I could rest well knowing it was daytime already, the belief that creatures of darkness are weaker during the day stuck in my head. I woke up around 9am and here I am blogging about this weird, frightening experience.

I just hope that awful thing doesn't appear again.

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