Michael Jackson Ghost VideoWell folks, there is a new video doing the rounds on the Internet and this one is said to be none the less than Michael Jackson’s ghost!

My first reaction to this Michael Jackson ghost video was to stop and rewind in amazement because it looks quite realistic. However, if you look a bit closer you will see that Michael Jackson’s ghost casts a shadow! Some of you who may have found this blog by accident, looking for the Michael Jackson video may not be versed with how the majority of ghost sightings go and be asking what’s the problem with this ghost casting a shadow?

Well, for me the problem is that the ‘ghost’ in this video appears as a shadow, so how can a shadow cast a shadow? Put simply, it can’t.

In my honest opinion, this video is just a cheap hoax trying to cash in on the tragic death of a pop icon. In a way you have to admire the audacity of the creator of this Michael Jackson ghost video, not to mention the fact that they have fooled so many people with simple digital video editing trickery.

Now I know there may be some of you out there saying that the video was aired live on CNN as it suggests in the bottom right hand corner of the video clip. I have no doubt that it was, but I bet that in the original footage there was a real living, breathing person walking across there and it was them that created the shadow.

Another point I would like to make is that the camera operator would have been looking through the TV camera’s viewfinder and if the camera really did record Michael Jackson’s ghost, you can safely assume that the camera operator would have seen it too and i am sure that they would not have turned away in a casual manner such as they did.

One last point that is a dead give away is the dramatic music. That proves beyond doubt that the footage has been edited by someone, as i am sure that CNN would not have added that in over the top of their interview.

And now I would like to finish off with a comment that I saw on the Michael Jackson ghost video Youtube page that made me laugh and sums up a few of my points:

” The music and editing is completely sensational. I call bullshit?”

Anyway, below is the Michael Jackson ghost video as filmed in Neverland, but if you would like to debate this ghost video,go ahead. Hehehehe!

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