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I am finally satisfied with the way I want my blog to look. Those who have visited me before will surely notice the differences. Now I can move on. :-)

My sister has been so impatient with me, I kept on asking her since this afternoon, "How do you like my blog? Is it okay?" and she was like "Its fine, its fine" until she finally lost it and said that it really doesn't matter what my blog looks like, its the contents that matter. That got me thinking. Yes, the content of my blog is important but I believe that the presentation also counts. Don't you agree?

Anyway, I am satisfied now. Now let me post some nice and lovely stories for you folks. Thanks to Karen (aka Graphic Fairy ) and Lori ( The Maiden's Quest ) for their words of encouragements. Please visit their blogs too! Their blogs were my source of inspiration!

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Blessed be!

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