This happened a few days ago. I don't normally have undisturbed sleep. I was lying in bed dreaming; my dream was pretty normal and dull. But then, suddenly it completely changed, I knew I was lying in bed, I knew I facing the window and I had this pressing feeling that there was someone out the window or near the window watching me!

I got so freaked out I woke up. I was very, very surprised to see someone, a woman, standing by my bed! She seemed to be leaning over looking at something; I immediately thought it was my mother, although I could not see any detail of this person – she was more like a dark figure with the outline very distinct. I could see the outline of a hairdo, which was very long and kind of wavy, or curly. This definitely could not have been my mother, since she has long straight hair, and has had for over 30 years…But I could also see that the face of this person was round, just like my mothers…I had just woken up you see…So I thought it was my mom and I thought perhaps she was trying to look at my clock which was beside my bed between it and the window. I got annoyed and was about to say, “What are you doing in here,mommy??!! You scared me half to death!!” But as soon as I took a breath, the figure stood up and glided very swiftly around my bed, half way across the room, and vanished!

Now I was half sitting up in bed with my jaw wide open in shock! I was thinking: I know I am awake, I know I saw something, but I have no idea what!! And then it crossed my mind, that perhaps it was my grandmother that I had seen. So, after a few moments in the dark with my jaw still open and my heart pounding, I turned the T.V. on because I am a wuss. The next day, I told my mother what I had seen. I described the outline of the woman and everything that happened. I did not tell her that I thought it was my grandmother (her mother), but the next day she told me that she thought it was her mother. My grandmother died 4 years ago, and recently, I’ve been asking her to look out for me, since my life is starting to get complicated – and it’s really helped thinking that she is! So maybe it was her…and she was just looking out for me…but I don’t really know.

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