If you are looking for haunted houses, I'd say the place my friend used to rent in Paranaque is the one. It is a big house situated in a subdivision. He transferred there with his girlfriend and her son (she's a single mom). The neighborhood were all smiling when they met them, just simple hi and hellos but you could see something inside them, that they want to tell you something. They rented a room in that big house and you wouldn't believe it, there are only ones there and the owners didn't even want to stay there, they live in a subdivision close to it.

Things started to happen, footsteps running in the stairs, that feeling that someone is watching you, hiding in the house. The girlfriend saw a human head (hair) walking outside the window which is 7 feet high!

So they began to open up these things to their neighbors and they told them their stories.

* Two women neighbors just came from a party, it was 11pm they said, the house was vacant and they saw this catholic nun standing in front of the gates of the house in the middle of the night, it was about close to 10 meters they said. When they notice that the nun was floating inches above the ground,, they run back fast as hell!

* A policeman who used to rent the same room my friend and his girlfriend's has to leave after a week stay, he says scratching on his windows won't stop and kept him awake all night, totally scared!

* The house was put to blessed due to this, Latin words appears on the walls on the stairs that same event, they were painted on after that.

* Billiard balls were heard hitting each other on the game room heard by the neighbors even though house is abandoned


Those were some of the stories but my friend's encounter was the smashed closing of the kitchen door when he was all alone in the dining room cleaning his . 38 handgun. He immediately pointed the gun towards the direction since he knew of the stories. He knew no way that the door would act by itself that way as it was the type with a snap-back spring and nobody was coming from there, so totally it was impossible, no wind and a man's effort was needed to do it.

He went out the kitchen door and fired 2 shots in the air about 10pm and what would you expect? His neighbor came rushing to the main gate asking him if there's some trouble. He just told him he was just testing my gun, he had to tell him what really happened the next morning.

Now the most chilling, the owner's maid used to clean the whole house during Sundays and she would be fetched later before evening came. My friend was on graveyard shift so the poor girl was left there all alone. The owner later fetched her the next morning explaining there was an emergency she has to attend.

It was 11pm, she said that she was on the sofa when she noticed a lady in white outside the window. Thinking it was her employer, she rushed to the figure but it started to transfer from the next window to another. All along she did not think anything of it as she was calling her employer's name trying to follow its direction until it stopped on the last window. She says the white figure somewhat turned to her, hair covered her circular face and that's the time she was surprised and knocked off a candle in one of the drawers. She watched it fell down and as soon she turned back to the figure it was gone.

She told the story afterward in the morning after my friend came home at 6:30am, my friend told me that she was so brave and he didn't see any rattling in her voice, she even told him the figure was not transparent as it covered the tree where she stopped. When they got outside to check it out that morning they were surprised to see that the figure needed to go through a locked small gate going to the back of the house.

It was the most chilling story I've heard and my friend swears it is 100% true

One time he met this girl that he used to date, the girl told him stories of her having a third eye and was possessed one time she went with her friend to Baguio. So he told her about the house stories and they were in his car driving maybe 15-20 meters from his house with all the neighbors' house nearby, that time was 10pm he said. He believed her so when he stopped his car he turned to her. She was not moving and just staring straight and she told him " It's the house to your left" describing it, she said the house was very disturbed and she could see things only she could see. She told him the things in the house were looking their way. I mean, how could she guess the right house? After a few weeks or so, he stopped seeing that girl, he doesn't want to be there when she got possessed!

Well, they left that place some years ago, but he wants to drop by there sometimes and talk to his former neighbors for some new stories probably from the new tenants that rented the place after him, for sure they have their stories to tell!...

You don't have to go to Baguio for some ghost hunting...

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