Iroquois Park in Louisville, Kentucky is reportedly haunted by the headless ghost of a woman. The park is made up of a knob rising 250 feet, covered with old growth forest.

A group of people who visited Iroquois Park, say they saw a thick fog rolling in from nowhere. Then they started to hear the barking of a dog and they smelled smoke in the air. All of a sudden, out of the mist, a figure appeared walking towards them. It seemed to be a woman dressed in early 1800s settlement clothes. As she walked through the park, they realized she was holding her head in her hands and blood was dripping from her severed neck.

Some suspect that she is the ghost of a farmers wife who settled with her husband in the area where the park is now located. As the story goes, one night while her husband was downtown on business, an Indian tribe attempted to sneak up on the homestead and ransack it. They first silenced the family dog, by slitting its throat. They then rushed into the house and caught the woman unawares. Grabbing her as she screamed, they beheaded her and left her for dead. The Indians promptly set fire to the house in an attempt to cover up what they had done.

A number of murders have happened in Iroquois Park over the years and some people say they are connected to the headless woman whose ghost roams the park.

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