This happened in the office where I used to work in España. It was a huge corporation so in every floor of the building, there were at least two departments. Our office was located on the third floor....those familiar with the area its the PLDT building near Jollibee. I was feeling kinda full at that time and needed to relieve myself in the comfort room. On my way out to the hall, I saw a middle aged man and a male friend waiting for somebody by the door of the office department just across to ours. Also, I noticed a a cute guy in black coming out of the office department across to ours. He was smiling at me so I did the same. There was something strange with his smile... kinda naughty smile.

The male friend asked me if I was smiling at him and I said jokingly "no, of course not." He asked me again "Whom are you smiling at?" I responded w/ laughter "its definitely not you", then I continued walking to the comfort room in a queue behind the cute guy and the middle aged man. The two men went straight into the cubicles while I patched my face before emptying. The middle aged man left soon after he finished.

I was waiting for the cute guy in black to come out so I could catch a glimpse of him again (hehehe). Several minutes past, he wasn't out yet. I ran out of patience so I just went inside the cubicle next to his so I could peek (Can you blame me if I was a little bit fidgety, why I couldn't hear any noise inside that cubicle?....not even a running water, tehee!Oh, I just looked underneath to check if I could see his feet while sitting in there,silly me!) and no, I didn't see his feet which made me feel like I wanted to run away as fast as I could.

As soon as I finished my job inside the toilet, I opened the door and pretended to patch my face again, me facing the mirror against the cubicle where the guy was in and waited curiously for another minute for him to come out. Another minute past so I got a bit worried that something might have gone wrong with him inside, I knocked at the door asking if he was alright, but there wasn't any response so I just shrugged off. But because it was a bit strange for me, with little hesitation I opened the door slowly, and OH! it wasn't even locked at all and it scared me to death when I saw the cubicle empty . "Oh my gosh he just disappeared!!!" I screamed with a terrified voice. I sensed he was just playing tricks on me and the hair on my scalp was raised. I had goosebumps all over my body.

I rushed out of the comfort room with the speed of lightning sweating and trembling. Still, with a look of horror, I mentioned the incident to my co-employees, and one of them told me that somebody in that office department had died in a car crash not long ago, describing his appearance, how he looked like and the description fits the mysterious guy I had encountered. After that event, it came to my mind that the middle aged man might be the father of the crash victim (the cute guy in black), and the male friend whom I thought was just fooling around with me....I guess he couldn't see the cute ghost.

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Anonymous said...

eto na lang binasa ko. ang hahaba ng entries mo eh. ang girly ng blog mo. shock ako. hohoho ganda naman e. good job ! two thumbs up ako ! \m/ yeahhhhhh !!!!

Anonymous said...

si aeross pala ako hoho!!

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