Fear of the unknown, this is why a Nelson County, KY man shot and killed a creature with greyish, wrinkly skin and no fur.

Mark Cothren described the creature, which strolled onto his lawn in Lebanon Junction, KY, as having large ears, whiskers, a long tail, and about the size of a house cat, reported Wave3.

    “I was like, ‘every animal has hair, especially this time of year!’ What puzzled me is how something like that could survive through a winter with no hair,” Cothren told the TV station.

Could this be the legendary chupacabra, a legendary  cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas (from chupar “to suck” and cabra “goat”, literally “goat sucker”), or just a dog/cat with a serious skin disease?

    “Everybody is getting very curious, you know. [The] phone is ringing off the hook. It’s kind of a mystery right now,” Cothren said.

The chupacabra has captured the public’s imagination for years, and was even featured on the popular television series The X-Files. Many carcasses of the coyote-like chupacabra have been “identified” across the U.S. and even put on display in museums.

    “It’s hard to judge what an animal is from just a photograph,” said Sam Clites with the Louisville Zoo. Clites say he would have to see the animal in person to study it and determine its species. At first glance, he believed the animal could be a raccoon or a dog, but not a mythical creature.

This guy really defines the term, red-neck, he should be charged with an illegal discharge of a firearm and add some time for stupidity.

It was an illegal kill and probably fuelled by bourbon whiskey and low IQ.

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