This is a story told to me by my sister. I let her type the story herself. This happened back when she was still in high school:

Joycie is a girl who has her 3rd eye open… Plus she is an arrogant and naive girl.. She keeps harassing this person John (not his real name) and John hates her totally… I mean not only John hates her, the whole school hates her! But she had a boyfriend named Steven. She went around boasting how nice her boyfriend was and  gave her red roses everyday after school…

I mean , the way to describe her , only 3 words :
(1) Sick
(2) Disgusting
(3) Crazy

She’s a total weirdo! I’ve been called a stupid ugly girl by her and now I really hated her to the max! Fine if you say maybe she's not that bad… well just read on…

On a Wednesday morning, Joycie kept saying to everyone that she saw a ghost in the toilet.. We thought she was crazy, no one believed her at that time coz everyone hated her! After school that day, Steven came to pick her up in a Harley Davidson Motorbike, Joycie kept telling Steven to speed up! Faster and Faster! Joycie accidentally pushed her boyfriend forward so Steven lost control of his bike and an accident occurred.

It was terrible, Joycie only suffered some minor injuries and scratches but Steven, DEAD… She kept on crying and she kept saying she can see her dead boyfriend’s spirit, loitering around the accident scene… She called John at night, to tell him about what had happened. John was shocked… to think this would happened.. But the person who really cause the death of Steven was Joycie… We went to her house the next day, and saw her using black magic on Steven’s picture which was hanged on the wall, full of needles and blood….this is a real story although it’s like not real… I didn’t believed that Joycie would do such thing at first…

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