"I wish I never met you," Roselle said in a voice filled with hatred as she stared darts at Ashgary. They were both inside a small cottage, winter has fallen and it was white all over.

Ashgary looked at Roselle and smiled wryly.

"C'mon hon, you don't really mean that. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it."

"You pig!" Roselle screamed. "I trusted you! I thought you loved me. Now what am I going to do with this baby? I left my boyfriend for you, I can't raise this baby alone!"

"Get rid of it then. We both don't want it," Ashgary said nonchalantly. "You knew I was already married. So don't say I gave you any false hopes."

"I hate you! You're not getting away with this!"

Roselle started to hit Ashgary on the face in a fit of rage. The man attempted to defend himself and in doing so, accidentally pushed Roselle aside. The woman hit the side of the bed with a loud clunk, her whole body screaming with pain. They were both shocked when they saw blood gushing down from Roselle's legs.

"I- I'm sorry. This is not my fault," Ashgary stammered, panic written all over his face.

"Help me, Ash. Oh please, don't let our baby die!"

Ashgary started to pick up Roselle from the floor. He wasn't prepared for the knife she had hidden in her dress. Quick as a snake, she started stabbing Ashgary on the neck, soon red was mixed with the whiteness of snow. Ashgary made a gurgling sound and slumped dead on the floor.

"You'll never leave me, Ashgary. I love you too much..." Roselle whispered as life slowly drained from her own body.

Soon both their blood turned the snow scarlet. Crows circled the cottage, signalling death...

(Well, a dark twist to another innocent looking picture. :-) I need to put on more emotion, I think. My kind of writing is way too stilted. Please click this link to visit Magpie Tales)
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Blessed be!

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Lady Sophia's Lover said...

My sleep last night was troubled by a violent storm outside,
and when i work i still felt dizzy from the lingering effect of wine;
Anxiously i asked the maid who rolled up the bamboo curtains,
to my surprise came her reply, "the flowers are all right."
But that's impossible, and don't you know all would remain a scene,
of petals fallen and leaves of their company sorrowfully deprived!


Kristen Haskell said...

I think your writing is great and your dialogue is really good. I think that has the makings of a much longer story.

Kristen Haskell said...

BTW I really like your blog!

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