I have been thinking of this for the past few weeks. I wasn't sure if I should write about it in my blog since its kind of personal. This is not paranormal either, unless you think of it as an unholy union. Anyway, after much deliberation., I decided to go ahead and just write about it to get it off my chest.

Its about my sister, Aiza. She has decided to marry her good-for-nothing boyfriend. My family is very much against it, I mean, who would want an unemployed and rude person with no prospects to be part of their family? The guy, Darrell, never got along with my family. He never made an effort, unlike my other sisters boyfriends, to ingratiate himself to us. After my sister gave birth to her baby, she had told us nothing but complaints and grievances about Darrell. We were happy to hear all of this, weird as it may sound. We thought that she would not be fickle enough to change her mind about the unsuitability of their relationship. Never mind that they already have a baby. In our way of thinking, you cannot correct a mistake by making another mistake. Marrying Darrell is a mistake, mark my words.

Aiza, however, doesn't mind making another mistake. For some reason we couldn't fathom, she and Darrell are now supposedly engaged. We were very shocked about this, just days before that announcement she had been thrashing Darrell repeatedly. Is she a glutton for suffering or is she just plain stupid? Don't start on the love is blind thing, for me that's just plain silly. When you go into a relationship, you just don't pick him because he makes you giddy and that you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You have to take into consideration if that guy could be a good provider or would treat you well. Darrell falls flat on both categories.

Maybe Aiza thinks that we would always be there to rescue her. If she persists with this ridiculous idea, I am sorry but I would be forced to harden my heart against her. I know my parents and brother and sisters would do the same. We will try to help Yannah, our niece, but the mother will never be welcome in our house again if she is still with that horrid man.

I can't believe she threw away her second chance, we were sending her to school to finish college and now its all out of the window. Aiza could just forget about me attending her wedding, I will not be part of such a travesty. She will drink from the cup of sorrow using a 10-feet spoon as long as she is with that wretched man, I am afraid. Sigh, and she had so much going for her too. She is talented and beautiful, too waste it all for a loser is so pitiful.

Well, that's enough of this tirade. Thanks for reading this far.

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