Hello guys! I am back! Finally, our PC is fixed (again) and I could update my blog once more. I missed my blog. So how is everything? How come my followers did not multiply to a hundred when I logged in? (I wish :-) ) Anyway, I am really excited to start posting stuff here and I wish I took a note of everything that was going through my mind while our PC was down. Which reminds me how neglectful I am in writing in my diary. Well, first thing's first.

As soon as I get hold of my family's Christmas celebration, you can be sure that I will posting the pictures here. Our celebration this year was fairly simple. We just had spaghetti, friend chicken, and garden salad. The nice thing is that our neighbors gave us some of their own food so our food increased until we couldn't possibly eat all of it. :-) Fortunately, the food given to us are the sort that won't spoil easily. So we just stashed it inside our fridge and I guess we will be eating it for the next few days until new year.

Sadly, the company I work for decided that we will have a shift on the 31st of December. You can't imagine how crestfallen I was when I heard this. I was really excited to celebrate New Year with my family since I haven't been able to do so since time immemorial. My mother just told me that I should just be thankful that I have work since many people don't have my good fortune. I guess she's right, I mean how can I complain when I have so many blessings already?

I am in the process of redecorating my bedroom and once again, I will post some pictures once I have them available. :-) I am soooo excited!

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