During one of our idle times at work, my colleagues and I started to chat to pass away the time. One of them, Jesa, started to tell us about her high school friend's scary experience. Please tell me what you think of this.

Jesa told us that she had this friend, let's just call her Irma, who lived in an old house that they bought really cheap. Irma and her mother were the only occupants of the house. The house was perfect for them since it was near Irma's house and the place where her mother works. Life was pretty normal for a few weeks after they moved in.

Then one night, while Irma was lying in bed alone in her room, she decided to record her voice using her mobile phone. That time the song "How Did You Know" was very popular (I posted a video of the song just in case you aren't familiar with it below) so Irma started singing it with feelings. When she finished, Irma realized that instead of pressing the voice record function of her phone, she chose video instead. Since video also records sound, she saved it anyway and then started to watch the clip.

The lights were out when she took the video clip so she wasn't expecting to see anything on the screen. When  her song was about to end (she became aware of the fact that she couldn't make a living out of her singing, her voice was horrible), a woman's face suddenly zoomed into focus on the screen. Irma stared with horror as the face moved around like a ball hanging from a string. When her song finally ended, the face zoomed out of focus and Irma screamed and threw her phone on her bed and ran from her room.

Irma and her mother knew then that they weren't alone in their house. They asked a psychic to check out if the house was indeed haunted and not long after the psychic arrived, she said that there was truly an evil spirit lurking inside the abode. When the psychic entered Irma's room, she fainted and started to convulse violently. After a few minutes, she regained consciousness and all she said was that the house needed to be blessed by a priest.

Irma and her mother didn't waste any time. They quickly called a priest to get rid of the evil being. The priest claimed that he felt really uncomfortable inside the house, as if an unknown force was draining all his powers. The priest wanted to leave saying that this was beyond his capability, that there was a "demon" lurking in the house. The priest and his assistant wanted to leave but Irma and her mother pleaded with him so he finally relented. He had his assistant light up incense but only a few,thin wisp of smoke came out of it. Every candle they lit would quickly be extinguished though there were no strong gust of wind. Finally, the sweat drenched priest finished blessing their house and took his leave right away as if pins were being stuck on his hide. Irma and her mother enjoyed a few days of peace.

The terror didn't end there, unfortunately. After that incident, Irma became afraid of staying alone in their house. So what she did was she would stay in school even after school ended for the day or she would go somewhere else until her mother goes home from work. Irma was very active in her school's cheering squad and because she was so absorbed in that particular day's practice, she didn't notice that it was already 8 in the evening when the practice finally finished.

Since it was quite late already, Irma thought that her mother was already home waiting for her. When she was just a few feet from her house, she heard people in the house laughing and talking, loud music was playing within. All the lights were lit inside. Irma was very surprised because she didn't know they were expecting company and her mother wasn't the type to just throw a party without her saying anything to her only daughter.

Then Irma got very scared when she grasped that though noise was coming from inside the house, she couldn't detect any movements from the window. Then her mobile phone made a sound, alerting her that there was an incoming message. It was from her mother, saying that she was at Irma's aunt house and she would just pick up Irma from school once she was ready to go home. Irma just stood there outside their house, not knowing what to do when one of their neighbors passed by and greeted Irma. She told Irma that it seems that they have company since the people who lived nearby could hear the noise coming from their house since 4pm that afternoon.

Irma broke down and said that her mother just texted her and that their house is supposed to be empty. So the neighbor helped Irma to go to her aunt's house where she and her mother stayed for the night. That night, they decided that they couldn't take it anymore and that they have to move somewhere else.They came to a decision to the house up for sale. When they returned to the house to pick up their belongings, they were horrified to see that all their furniture were strewn around the place, everything was in disarray. There was no sign of force entry so burglary was out of the question. Inside Irma's room, soil was scattered everywhere, especially on the bed.

The house was never sold. No one would buy it after every one know of the haunting. Finally, one of the neighbors spoke out that the previous owners of the house were MASSACRED during a house party. Apparently there was a drunken brawl and the man of the house was hacked to death by his friends. His children  were slaughtered and his wife was brutally raped and was BURIED ALIVE UNDER IRMA'S BED. The wife apparently was able to free herself from the ground and attempted to kill one of her rapists to get revenge. It was unfortunate that she was spotted by one of the killers and she was hacked to death like her husband.

Jesa said that Irma and her mom just had the house demolished and the vacant lot stands until today. Her friend got very thin because of the harrowing experience and wouldn't return to that place anymore.

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